Fifteen Guinea Special - Audio CD


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Fifteen Guinea Special CD cover

Recordings by Ken Mellor. Published by OK ROLLEM.

The final special steam-hauled train on Britain's main line system, to mark the end of steam traction in 1968. The Fifteen Guinea Special ran on 11th August 1968, starting and finishing at Liverpool.


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Here is the recording list:

These are on-train recordings except where stated otherwise:

1 - 45110 departs Liverpool.

2 - 45110 departs Rainhill.

3 - 45110 departs Parkside (lineside recording).

4 - 70013 departs Manchester Victoria.

5 - 70013 climbing to Blea Moor.

6 - 44781 pilots 44871 climb to Ais Gill.

7 - 44781 and 44871 pass Ais Gill (lineside recording).

8 - 70013 returning light-engine passing Ais Gill (lineside recording).

9 - 44781 and 44871 climbing between Blackburn and Darwen up the 1 in 84 gradient.

10 - 45110 departs Manchester Victoria.

11 - 45110 arrives at Liverpool Lime Street, with crowds of on-lookers for this historic event.


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