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DELTICS and other 	DIESELS Volume 3 CD cover

Recordings from hi-fi stereo tape originals and digital mini-disc recordings

Recorded during 1989 to 2002.

Running time 76 minutes

Featuring recordings from the discontinued cassette-tape versions of Good Pulsations Volumes 4, 5 and 7, Diesel Traction in Action Volume 2, plus some recordings not published before.

Classes 20, 25 and 55 in preservation.
Classes 20, 37, 47, 55, 56, 87 and HST on the main line.

Highlights include:
**D9000 roars through the tunnel at Ipswich
**Class 20s back on the summer "Skeggy" in 1993
**Deltic/class 20 double-header on the Great Central


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Deltics and other Diesels Volume 3 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 27:

37414 departs Stafford.

Here is the full recording list:

Kilby Bridge (south of Leicester) 14th April 1989:
1 An HST races by on its way to St.Pancras.
2 Just before sun-set, 56033 heads by southbound.

Great Central Railway 1st June 1991:
3* 9019 (55019) departs Rothley (northbound) at 1451, but the guard pulls the emergency cord.
4* 9019 restarts its train and stops (prior to the points being locked).
5* 9019 departs Quorn southbound, on the final working of the day, and gets some wheel-slip.

Great Central Railway 29th December 1991:
6 9019's 30th birthday. After dark (at 1625) it is heard heading south near Loughborough. Excited youngsters run across a road bridge as the 2nd engine picks up briefly, sending out a shower of sparks.

Severn Valley Railway 10th May 1992:
7* Shortly after departing Kidderminster on the first working of the day, D9016 accelerates through Foley Park Tunnel.

Class 20s on the Skegness-Leicester service, 31st August 1993:
8* 20087/132 depart Loughborough for Leicester at 2022.

Great Central Railway Diesel Gala - 1994:
9 At a drizzly and windy Leicester North, D9019 sets off cautiously at 1800hrs. 27th March 1994.
10* D9019 accelerates out of Rothley, the sound bouncing off the wagons of the "Windcutter" train. Then a Deltic 9000 Fund member is seen at the lineside and D9019 is opened up again. 25th March 1994.
11* D9019 approaches Loughborough, and full power is applied under the A6 road bridge - dislodging some rain-water from the bridge onto the sound recordist! 25th March 1994.

Great Central Railway 1st May 1994:
12* On a non-stop Loughborough to Rothley run, D9019 passes through Quorn, the driver applying full power within the station confines.
13 (1) D9019 takes the ECS out of Rothley station.

Great Central Railway 31st March 1995:
14 (1) D8098/D9019 depart Quorn towards Rothley at 1009hrs.
D8098/D9019 Quorn 1995
15 D7659 heads southwards at Quorn on the "Windcutter" train at 1103.
16 (1) D9019 departs Quorn southbound at 1409.
17* Pete Waterman's cl. 25, D7659, splutters its way out of Leic. North.

East Lancs Railway 25th November 1995:
18* (1) D9019 blasts out of Bury after dark at 1704.
19* (1) D9019 opens up in Brooksbottom Tunnel on the return leg.

"The Deltic Reunion" railtour 2nd January 1997:
20* On the return leg of the tour, D9000 gets under way again from Peterborough, after a brief stop, at 2114.

Nuneaton 8th March 1997:
21 The "West Coast Deltic Pioneer" railtour marked the first Deltic hauled train out of Euston since the Prototype, 39 years earlier. D9000 pulls away from Nuneaton s platform 3 at 0927, after picking up passengers, on its way to Manchester.

D9000 at Nuneaton March 1997

"The Cross Country Deltic" railtour 13th April 1997:
22* After an emergency stop, D9000 gets moving again, just south of Cheltenham, the driver opening up when the next signal is sighted.

"Centenary Pullman" (celebrating 100 years of Railway Magazine ) 5th May 1997:
23 D9000 emerges from under a bridge near Waltham St. Lawrence (at 1034) heading west as an HST passes the other way.

Grantham 20th August 1997:
24 At 1952hrs, the sound of "singing" rails heralds the approach of D9000 passing through on the "York Races" Pullman returning south.

Wolverhampton 22nd August 1998:
25 47429 departs for Birmingham on a Virgin Trains service.

26 As 87033 departs north (fast line) behind the microphone, 47492 sets off on the down-slow on a Virgin Cross-Country working for Edinburgh, at 1244hrs. 22nd August 1998.
27 37414 departs for Birmingham at 1317. 22nd August 1998.
28 37401 pulls away swiftly at 1326 for Birmingham. 12th Sep. 1998.

Leicester 21st November 1998:
29 37897/419 running light (both running) pull away from a signal on the freight line and cross over to the fast line, heading north at 0912.

Banbury (Virgin s Ramsgate-Birmingham working) 18th Sep. 1999:
30* D9000 makes a brisk standing start.

31 Having arrived from the north on a service, towing a dead 47 and 90, 47488 (2 tone green) tows away the now uncoupled 47747. In the background, 37426 departs platform 12 for Holyhead. 18th Mar. 2000.
32 55019 on a Northern Belle ECS, pulls out of platform 6 northbound, at 0929. A Virgin 47 at the far side of the station, gives the Deltic a brief race (recorded from platform 12). 12th August 2000.

Peterborough 13th April 2002:
33 As a sprinter pulls out of platform 3, a gleaming 55019 rolls into platform 4 at the head of a rake of blue/grey mark 1s. This railtour was the "DPS Silver Jubilee" bound for Edinburgh from Kings Cross. (See front cover left-hand photo).
34 55019 gets under way, taking the slow line. There is a long gap in the station announcements as signalling staff watch the Deltic pass by!

D9000's Anglia Railways London to Norwich, return 11th August 2002:
35* Departure from Colchester, at 1124hrs, on the outward journey.
36* We set off from Diss, at 1215. Next stop Norwich.
37* Returning south, we depart Ipswich, and driver Nigel Hutchison gives us a great blast inside the tunnel! There is some slight overload distortion in this recording - which is why I did not publish it previously - but the "thrash-factor" far out-weighs that minor problem.
38* A hasty departure from Colchester again.
39* After a very lively run, hauling 11 air-con coaches on a working booked for a class 86, D9000 approaches London Liverpool Street (see front cover right-hand photo). As soon as we come to a halt, the mic. is taken off the train, and the Deltic is shut down. Some of the 'bashers' applaud our driver (I'll second that)!

* denotes on-train recording.
(1) denotes Deltic running on l engine.


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