GOOD PULSATIONS Volume 1 - Deltics on audio CD

Volume 1

audio CD

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Good Pulsations Volume 1 CD cover

From nostalgic sounds of Deltics in BR service to hair-raising thrash at the Nene Valley, this is all round entertainment for those who appreciate Napier music. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by another sound-recordist during 1981 and have published the best from our respective collections.

Digitally processed mono archive recordings (added pseudo-stereo effect).
Re-mastered again in 2016 for better quality and extended to 80 minutes.

Recorded during 1980 to 1987.

Running time 80 minutes

Deltics in BR service and in preservation.

Highlights include:
**Deltics roaring into the distance at Huntingdon
**A fast run behind 55022
**The "Farewell" passing through Peterborough
**Revving up at the Doncaster Deltic Day 1982
**Hair-raising rides behind 55016 at the Nene Valley


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist
(note that 1 CD track is omitted from this mp3 download version due to a 50 track limit):
Good Pulsations Volume 1 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 19:

55016 departs Huntingdon.

Here is the full recording list:

Peterborough 3rd April 1980:
1 - 55013 arrives at platform 4 on a York train.
2 - A few minutes later 55013 departs at 1109.
3 - 55006 makes a brisk start at 1312 on a service for Hull.

Peterborough 2nd May 1981:
4 - 55015 arrives at platform 4 as announcements are made.
5 - After being 'cabbed' by young enthusiasts, the driver of 55015 toots to the youngsters and sets off for York at 1327hrs.

55015 at Peterborough 2-5-81
24th July 1981:
6* - A very shabby 55022 on the 1403 Kings Cross to Newcastle sets off from Peterborough a few minutes late - the driver determined to make up time.
7* - Just north of Peterborough, no.22 gets under way from a failed signal.
8 - 55022 pulls away very quickly from Retford and roars into the distance.

55015 at Peterborough
9 - 55021 tears through on a service from Newcastle. 25th July 1981.
10* - 55015 pulls away on the 0936 Hull to Kings Cross, and then....
11* - ......passes through Stoke Tunnel. 27th July 1981.

Peterborough 5th August 1981:
12 - 55015 departs on the 0940 Kings X-Edinburgh, sounding a warning to p.w. workers..
13 - A great twin-engine idling sound from 55013 awaiting departure on the 1205 Kings Cross to York. A DMU arrives from Leicester and then the Deltic sets off.
14 - 55010 on the 1603 Kings Cross to York. The 2nd engine had just been restarted and, as this recording begins, stalls, restarts and stalls again.
15(1) - No.10 makes a rapid departure at 1712 (see front cover inset photo).

55010 at Peterborough 5-8-81
Peterborough 31st August 1981:
16 - The 1603 Kings Cross-York departs from platform 3, headed by 55014.

55014 at Peterborough 31-8-81

Huntingdon 12th September 1981:
17 - On the 0936 Hull - Kings Cross, 55004 departs at 1225.
18 - The 1205 Kings Cross - York departs at 1257 hauled by 55010.
55010 at Huntingdon 12-0-81
19 - 55016 arrives and then departs at 1315 for Kings Cross (from Bridlington) and roars into the distance.
20 - 55004 draws in and then blasts out with the late running 1603 from Kings Cross.
21 - 55010 is heard departing again, heading back south at 1815.
22 - An immaculate 55007 on the "Deltic Anglian" railtour coasts through southbound at high speed (at 1834). The sound-recordist's Mum waves a white hanky prompting a reply from the driver.
55007 at Huntingdon 12-9-81

23 - 55021 drifts through on the 1805 Kings Cross - York at 1855.

Peterborough 26th September 1981:
24 - 55004 pulls away quickly 13 minutes late at 1213 heading south.

Peterborough 30th December 1981:
25(1) - 55007 on its last working, running on one engine (and piloted by 47146) departs 15 minutes late on the 0807 York - Kings Cross. 31182 then sets off in the background on a Birmingham-Norwich service.

55007 at Peterborough 30-12-81

Peterborough 2nd January 1982 - "Deltic Scotsman Farewell".
26 - Platform 3 is crammed with photographers as 55015 passes through at 0927 on its way to Edinburgh.
27 - A York train is just arriving at platform 3 having been allowed to cross the path of the returning Deltic tour. 55022 had slowed to near walking pace then it accelerates its passage through the station is tracked by a blaze of camera flashes progressing along the platforms. The Deltic s second engine picks up just as it passes. Power shuts off as its wheels slip, but this is virtually inaudible over the cheering and the carriage noise. The Deltic roars into the distance.

Farewell tour passes Peterborough

Doncaster Works Deltic Day 27th February 1982:
28 - 55002 with both engines running revs up one engine.
29 - 55019 and 55002 perform a duet.
30 - 55019 idles (1 engine) in the foreground as 55002 revs. Then l9 revs.
31 - 55002 departs under its own power to return to York NRM.
55002 leaves Doncaster Works 27-2-82
32(1) - 55019 is revved up a few times.
33 - 55009 (both engines running) revs one engine, followed by no.19.

55019 Doncaster Work 27-2-82

Nene Valley Railway 30th March 1985:
34(1) - 9000 starts up, stalls and restarts at Wansford.
35*(1) - 9000 passes through Wansford (on the last train of the day), revs up under the A1 road bridge, then opens up in the tunnel as enthusiasts cheer.
36*(1) - 9000 departs Yarwell Mill at 1722 and passes back through the tunnel.

NVR 5th October 1986:
37* - After passing through Wansford, 55016 enters the tunnel.
38* - 55016 re-enters the tunnel after leaving Yarwell Mill and the wheels slip before power builds up to maximum.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway 2nd May 1987:
39 - A bitterly cold spring day with snow showers. 55009 (on one engine) and 55019 (on both engines) double-head a service for Grosmont and are heard departing Levisham at 1448.
40 - Nos.19 & 9 top 'n' tail a southbound service arriving at Goathland.
41 - The 2 Deltics then depart Goathland a few minutes later, with 55009 going passed at the rear of the train.

Coalville Open Day 31st May 1987:
42 - 55015 with one engine idling has the other one started up.

Midland Railway Centre 28th October 1987:
43(1) - 55015 is started up at Butterley.
Note: The above track 43 is not included on the mp3 download version, due to a limit of 50 tracks per album.

44*(1) - 55015 departs Ironville on a very bright, sunny day at 1452.
45(1) - The sound-recordist, standing next to the air-intake gets a surprise as one of no.15's engines is started up at Swanwick. It stalls and is restarted - heard from a safer distance! (See front cover main photo).

NVR 14th June 1987 (Earlier that day the front coach was struck by lightning).
46* - Engineer/driver Chris Wayman takes over the controls of 55016 for the last service of the day and fires up the 2nd engine at Wansford.
47* - At 1642, no.16 sets off from Wansford towards Ferry Meadows.
48* - After the 10mph restriction at Lynch Bridge, another burst of full power.
49* - It has started to rain as 55016 departs Ferry Meadows towards Orton Mere. The driver displays his skill as he "catches" the first of two bits of wheel-slip and achieves a very quick standing start with a 6 coach load.
50* - No.16 gets under way again at 1713 from Peterborough NVR. It is raining heavily and the train handbrake is apparently reluctant to release. The wheels slip a few times, but acceleration is still very quick.
51 - Back at Wansford, no.16 propels the empty coaches out of the station in a hurry.

* denotes on-train recording.
(1) denotes Deltic running on 1 engine.


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