GOOD PULSATIONS Volume 2 - Deltics on audio CD

Volume 2

audio CD

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Good Pulsations Volume 2 CD cover

Chris "Notch 9" Wayman provides the main theme to this title as he drives "Gordon Highlander" at the Nene Valley, Severn Valley and also at the Keighley & Worth Valley, double-heading with "Tulyar" and then with "Western Prince".

Digitally processed mono archive recordings (added pseudo-stereo effect).
Re-mastered again in 2016 for better quality and extended to 79 minutes.

Recorded during 1987 to 1988.

Running time 79 minutes

Preserved line Deltic action featuring 55002/9/15/16/19.

Highlights include:
**Western and Deltic double header on the Keighley & Worth Valley
**Several hair-raising on-train blasts along the Nene Valley behind 55016


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist
(note that 1 CD track is omitted from this mp3 download version due to a 50 track limit):
Good Pulsations Volume 2 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 28:

55016 departs Peterborough NVR (on-train).

Here is the full recording list:

Nene Valley Railway 4th October 1987:
1* - On a foggy day at Wansford, Chris Wayman fires up both of 55016's engines and departs briskly at 1512.
2* - 55016 accelerates from the 10mph restriction at Lynch Bridge.
3* - Inside the rear cab of Deltic 16 as the 2nd engine is started. We then depart Ferry Meadows towards Wansford.
4* - Still in the rear cab, we enter Wansford tunnel (after passing through the station) and the yellow wheel-slip light brightens as power is applied.
5 - 55016 runs round at Peterborough NVR.
6 - Back at Wansford, 55016 is uncoupled.

Severn Valley Railway 11th October 1987:
7(1) - In bright sunshine at Bridgnorth, 9019 runs onto its train.
8*(1) - 9019 departs Hampton Loade towards Bridgnorth at 1613.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway 23rd April 1988:
9(1) - A class 5MT no.44767 departs Grosmont and 55009 starts up.
10*(1) - 55009 pulls out of Pickering up the 1 in 54 gradient.
11(1) - Heard from the footbridge at Goathland. 55009 approaches from Grosmont (as a 25 shunts coaches), then passes underneath as it arrives.
12(1) - A few minutes later at 1812, 55009 departs Goathland while Warship D821 slips away quietly on a northbound service.

NVR 30th April 1988:
13 - During a "Thomas the Tank Engine" weekend, 55016 has both of its engines warmed up at Wansford.
14* - Recorded from the open end of a wooden coach just behind no.16. Full power is applied after crossing Lynch Bridge heading towards Wansford, as the guard hangs onto his hat and some of us get a coating of engine oil!

NVR 1st May 1988:
15 - Heard from just outside Wansford, 55016 runs light out of one platform, pauses, then runs into the other platform.
16 - 55016 accelerates away from Wansford at 1732.
17 - Heard from near Castor. No.16 departs Ferry Meadows 1 miles away, slows and then accelerates passed.

55016 Nene Valley Railway 1988

York NRM Diesel Running Day 2nd May 1988:
18(1) - During a thunderstorm, D200 (newly arrived) has its horns sounded repeatedly. The driver of 55002 replies as he manoeuvres passed.
19(1) - 55002 eases away towards the museum building as D200 starts up.

NVR 21st May 1988:
20* - Chris Wayman finds notch 9 on the controller as we accelerate from Lynch Bridge towards Ferry Meadows behind no.16 with only load 4!
21(1) - At Wansford a few members of the public had been having a close look at a silent 55016. They scatter when a starter button is pressed!
22 - An NVR member had challenged the driver concerning the Deltics's accelerative ability. Between Lynch Bridge and Castor, the challenge is taken up successfully as no.16 blasts by towards Wansford.

Nene Valley Railway 19th June 1988:
23 - A Swedish steam loco is uncoupled and runs off light engine as 55016 idles. The Deltic then moves away light, initially under gravity.
24 - 55016 departs swiftly from Wansford for Peterborough NVR at 1400.

Midland Railway Centre 26th June 1988:
25 - 9019 arrives light engine at Butterley at 1056.
26 - At Swanwick , no.15 has both engines fired up and then one is shut down.

NVR 20th August 1988:
27* - A rapid standing start from Wansford by no.16 towards Ferry Meadows.
28* - 55016 pulls out of Peterborough NVR. New houses at the lineside reflect the sound back, while some of the residents out in their gardens look round - possibly thinking about moving to somewhere more peaceful!

Severn Valley Railway 16th October 1988:
29* - Chris Wayman and Gordon Highlander are let loose on the Severn Valley. No.16 departs Bewdley at 1237 with an 8 coach train up the gradient, brakes a little, then full power through Foley Park Tunnel.
30 - 55016 runs round at Kidderminster recorded from a carriage window.
31* - 55016 idling at Hampton Loade. A youngster puts a technical question to his dad. Meanwhile Chris Wayman, eager to get going, is told by the pilot that the other train has "not pulled off yet".
32* - 55016 gets under way again from Hampton Loade at 1405.
33 - Later in the day, no.16 is heard approaching and entering Foley Park Tunnel on its way to Kidderminster (see front cover photo).

MRC 29th October 1988:
34 - One of Tulyar's engines which hasn't been run for a while, fails to start.
35(1) - Tulyar's engine starts up.
36 - At Swanwick, no.15 is uncoupled from its train and runs into the sidings.

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway 6th November 1988:
37(1) - A bright and frosty morning at Haworth shed. No.15 starts up at 0839.
38(1) - After refuelling, 55015 moves out of the shed.
39* - At Keighley, driver Jim Dedicoat starts up no.15's 2nd engine. With all trains running late, he rises to the challenge and makes an impressive standing start at 1038. The steam heating boiler is in operation.
55015 at Haworth
40* - Another rapid start, this time at Haworth. 55015's wheels slip on some leaves while the exhausts blow more leaves off the trees.

41 - 55016 (running on both engines) and 55015 (on 1 engine) coupled together run light through Keighley - recorded from a coach window. Mike Hallam-Rudd, standing in no.l5's doorway, shouts across some useful advice. The Deltics pause and then pull away again.

42* - Although no.15's 2nd engine had been started up, it was apparently shut down again. With 4950 bhp on tap, the 6 coach train is flung up the l in 66 out of Keighley at 1309 by 55016/55015 (drivers Chris Wayman & Jim Dedicoat). We then pass through Ingrow station and tunnel.
43* - A Western/ Deltic double-header with all engines running - 6000 bhp, Dl041/55016 depart Keighley at 1609hrs.
44* - D1041/55016 blast out of Ingrow and through the tunnel.
45* - Dl041/55016 depart Oakworth as the sun sets.

* denotes on-train recording.
(1) denotes Deltic running on 1 engine.


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