GOOD PULSATIONS Volume 7 - Deltics on audio CD

Volume 7

audio CD

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Good Pulsations Volume 7 CD cover

Amazing Deltic action on the main line. Lineside, on-train, front cab ride, rear cab ride and even in the engine room.

From digital mini-disc original recordings

Recorded during 1999 to 2000.

Running time 74 minutes

Deltics D9000, D9009 and 55019 on the main line.

Highlights include:
**In D9000's rear cab and engine room during Virgin service train duties
**55019 on the West Highland Line (wild and windy!)
**55019 tackling Stoke Bank at night with a 14 coach train heard approaching from 8 miles!


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You candownload a pdf version of the playlist:
Good Pulsations Volume 7 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 14:

In D9000's rear cab.

Here is the full recording list:

1* - In D9000's engine room between the 2 power-units travelling between Banbury and Leamington. (7th August '99).

2 - Steamy Affairs' "Welsh Marches Express" railtour arrives at Rugby behind D9000 and then.....

3 - .....departs swiftly at 0824. (27th March 1999).

Three Deltics on the ECML - 22nd May 1999:

4 - D9009 makes its return to the main line, passing through Peterborough heading for York at 0905 . An HST departs for Kings Cross in the background.
D9000 at Huntingdon 22-5-99

5 - A cuckoo is heard in the distance from Huntingdon station. D9000 approaches on a VSOE special to Bradford, the driver apparently excited as he over-takes an EMU sounding the horns, and tears passed at 1125.

6 - Back at Peterborough at the far end of the station car-park, 55019 departs platform 2 on its way back to London at 2007hrs.

D9000 during the summer 1999 Ramsgate workings for Virgin Trains:

7* - After being held at a signal outside Birmingham N.S., we pull away slowly through the tunnel. As we emerge into the station, our driver plays to the crowd and opens up almost fully just for a moment and then eases into platform 6 at 1643. (19th June).

8* - Arrival at BNS again, but heard from the rear driver's seat with the window open. In the tunnel, the air-intake sound reverberates so hard that the sound recordist's ribs vibrate! As we ease into platform 7, engineer Chris Wayman switches on the tail-lamps. (26th June).
D9000 arrives at BNS

9* - Just after departing Kensington Olympia the driver opens up, during the return journey to Birmingham. (3rd July).

10* - Riding in the front cab setting off from Reading at 1448, and then.....

11* - .....a few minutes later Chris Wayman reports that no.2 engine is starting to over-heat. Traction inspector John Thompson advises the driver not to ease off. (3rd July).

12 - A rapid departure is made from Coventry at 1619. (24th July).

13* - In the engine room between the 2 power-units with the nearby side windows open, we depart Banbury. (7th August).

14* - Heard from the rear driver's seat with the side window open, Alan Bun-Clark makes a storming departure from Birmingham International heading back into Birmingham. The ammeter surges passed 2300 amps (overload would be at 2400), leaving an anxious looking Chris Wayman chewing on his gloves! 0 to 60 mph is achieved in 108 seconds. Alan induces the field-diverts manually by easing off slightly at 42 and 65mph. (7th August).

Recordings of DPS Deltics on Regency Rail workings and railtours:

15 - A dull and misty afternoon at a small bridge east of Nantwich and D9009 can be heard 2 miles away pulling out of Crewe at 1433 with an ECS working. The presence of Black 5 no.45407 at the rear of the train restricts speed to 60mph. "Alycidon" passes directly underneath. (13th November 1999).

16 - After being signal-checked, 55019 accelerates through Grantham running early at 1207 on a DPS railtour from Newcastle to Kings Cross. See front cover main photo. (26th February 2000).

55019 passes through Grantham

17 - After dark at Huntingdon, and a late running EMU can be heard departing for Peterborough and is routed onto the fast line in front of 55019 which is slowly approaching. Another EMU arrives in the station. The Deltic driver applies some serious power as the DPS tour passes by, heading back north. (26th February 2000).

Regency Rail's "Monarch of the Glen" tour returning from Fort William. 5th March 2000:

18 - At County March Summit there is a gale blowing and heavy sleet falling, as water cascades down the hillside and the footpath is more like a river. 55019 can be faintly heard accelerating away from Bridge of Orchy before easing off for the Horse-Shoe Curve. The wind dropped by the time no.19 tackles the 1 in 55 to County March and rounds the curve into view with both engines wide open, at 1357. The wheels slip as it passes, but power is regained quickly.

19 - At Glen Douglas at 1520 it is raining and still windy. 55019 has to contend with a 1 in 57 gradient, very tight curves and slippery rails. It passes by on a little less than full power and the wheels slip briefly. In a superb display of skill, the driver regains power and progressively builds up power. As no.19 roars away through the rocky cutting, the deep humming of the rear engine can be heard as it starts to pick up. The wheels slip once more, but power is gradually built up again until both engines are wide open just before disappearing over the summit as a car passes by. Machine gun fire is heard in the distance - a good time to leave I think!
20 - At Dumbarton station, 55019 stops briefly at a green signal and pulls away smartly at 1615.

Another Regency Rail special:

21 - Towards the top of the Lickey Incline after dark at 2000hrs. The lights of Bromsgrove are twinckling in the distance as a bright headlight weaves its way along before the familiar drone of 55019 is heard. No.19 sweeps passed on its way to Manchester from the Cheltenham Races. An HST's horns are heard. (16th March 2000).

A football special from Newcastle to Kings Cross 9th April 2000:
22 - At Great Ponton (south of Grantham) 55019 is heard opening up and powering passed on the 1 in 200 climb to Stoke with a 14 coach load at 1042. The sound fades as it enters Stoke Tunnel but can be heard again as it emerges until an aircraft drowns it out.

23 - Night time at Burton Coggles. It is a beautiful misty moonlit night - mist lit up by signals and street lights. An owl hoots in the distance. At 2116 the drone of a Deltic can be heard - an incredible 8 miles away (without a favourable wind). A Sprinter sounds its horns as it emerges from Stoke Tunnel and passes by as Deltic 19 becomes louder. Its sound fades a little before finally passing at 2122 and roaring away to Stoke Tunnel.

D9000's speedo & ammeter - 2200 amps!

Back in the driving seat:

24* - D9000's rear driver's seat to be exact. A storming northbound departure from Birmingham International as Chris Wayman is heard guessing when the ammeter is going to surge up and the sound recordist gets a photo of it. Chris then disappears into the engine room. 0 to 60mph is covered in 110 seconds. The engine note dips and rises at the 2 field divert stages at 57 and 87 mph and power is eased off at 89mph as we start to catch up with the local EMU service. (18th September 1999).

* denotes on-train recording.

The year 2000 marked 20 years of Deltic recording for me, and this title is the pinnacle of my efforts for Deltic audio entertainment.


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