GOOD PULSATIONS Volume 9 - Deltics on audio CD

Volume 9

audio CD

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Good Pulsations Volume 9 CD cover
Deltics on the main line during 1998-2003.

From digital mini-disc original recordings

Running time 74 minutes

Deltics D9000, D9009, 9016, and 55019. Mostly on-train/in-cab recordings.

Highlights include:
**In D9009's cab departing Kings Cross
**In D9000's cab and engine room during Virgin service train duties
**9016 at night from the lineside


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You candownload a pdf version of the playlist:
Good Pulsations Volume 9 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 11:

9016 roars into the distance.

Here is the full recording list:

The "Deltic Scarborough Flyer" railtour with D9009 (28th December 2002):

1 - "Alycidon" is started up at Kings Cross, platform 6.

D9009 at Finsbury Park
2* - Heard from inside the front cab, driver Nigel Hutchison eases the 12 coach trailing load out of Kings Cross at 0823, as the air-compressors give their high-pitched whine. We are signal-checked in Gasworks tunnel. Several clicks are heard from contactors just before power is re-applied. The AWS sounds a caution. After emerging into the dismal daylight with drizzle falling, Nigel asks DPS engineer Simon Hartshorne for advice. The windscreen-wipers are then switched on. As we enter Copenhagen tunnel, the rear engine starts to pick up, with a few hisses from the power-handle. The ammeter reads a steady 2300 for several seconds with no wheel-slip before full power is reached. After emerging from the tunnel, Simon heads into the engine-room. The engine revs dip briefly as the first field-divert stage occurs at 49mph just before passing through Finsbury Park.

3* - In-cab with the secondman's window open, we depart Potters Bar on the fast-line at 0843. Once both engines are wide open, the window is closed to keep out the draft.

4* - After slowing for the approach-control, full power is re-applied as we cross over to the slow-line at Woolmer Green at 0853.

5* - The sound-recordist sounds the horns and we pull away from Stevenage at 0900. There is plenty of rumbling from the bogie as we bounce along the slow line.
D9009 at Stevenage

6* - On the slow line again, we observe the 25mph restriction while crossing Helpston Junction. Nigel looks out of his window to check when the train has cleared the restriction before beginning another burst of acceleration (as a tea-cup falls over).

7* - We pass through Peascliffe tunnel at 100mph.

8 - The cab ride is over, and D9009 is heard running light out of York to run round the stock.

9 - At Scarborough after nightfall (and just after re-fuelling), Simon instructs the driver to "Crank it up...", and both of D9009's engines are fired up.

Lineside recordings of 9016:

10 - On a dark and stormy night at Little Bytham, it has just stopped raining. 9016 tears passed running half an hour early (about 2015hrs) on a northbound ECS working. With 12 coaches, it is still doing about 90mph and pursuing a class 91 that had passed about 5 minutes earlier! (1st November 2002).

11 - 9016 returns south with the ECS running half an hour late as it passes Holme Fen (a few miles south of Peterborough) at 1839. After passing, it roars well into the distance accompanied by the sound of fireworks. (3rd November 2002).

D9000 at Didcot 5th Sep.98.
D9000 on Virgin's Birmingham to Ramsgate services during 1998/99:

12* - Riding behind D9000 as it departs Chatham eastbound through two tunnels, the revs rising and falling. (18th July 1998).

13* - Front cab: We stop at a red signal at Didcot junction which promptly changes to double-yellow as our route is set. We accelerate briskly (driver Tim Wattison points out some 37s) reaching 60mph before passing the railway centre where greetings are sent from our crew (5th September 1998).

14* - In-cab: Departure from Oxford with Mark Sommers at the controls, initially with the secondman's window open (1998).

15* - In-cab: A storming standing start by Mark Sommers as we blast out of Banbury, heard with the secondman's window open (apologies to our driver for the draft!). Power is eased off to trigger the first field-divert. Engineer Chris Wayman then enters the engine-room (1998).

16* - Riding in the rear cab shortly after departing Leamington Spa we accelerate up to the line speed with the rear engine opening up briefly (7th August 1999).

17* - In the engine room between the power-units with the leading no.2 engine to the left. We pull away from a signal just north of Banbury. The sound of screaming Napiers as rarely heard! (3rd July 1999).

Lineside recordings:

18 - After nightfall at Peterborough, announcements are given warning of a Deltic approaching. 55019 then rushes through on a DPS railtour returning to Newcastle from Kings Cross (26th February 2000).
55019 at Peterborough 7th June 2003.
19 - A rare run along the Midland Main Line for a Deltic with D9009 on a DPS railtour. Its rear engine can be heard easing off as it approaches before tearing through Loughborough (7th September 2002).

20 - After dark at Holme Fen. 9016 picks up speed after calling at Peterborough and roars passed at 2004hrs on the "Rose of the Shires" railtour returning to Ipswich (14th December 2002).

21 - 55019 departs Peterborough (recorded from the car-park) on a DPS railtour for Kings Cross (7th June 2003).

The DPS Freedom of Scotland railtour:

22 - After breasting the summit at Beattock, D9009 speeds passed on its way north with 55019 dead-at-rear (22nd June 2003).

23* - In the wee small hours no.19 eases away from Crianlarich then begins the long climb towards County March Summit, mostly at 1 in 60. The trailing load is 7 coaches plus D9009 dead-in-tow (25th June 2003).

9016 at Walsall 6th April 2002.
9016's main line debut railtour, the "Napier Navigator" (6th April 2002):

24* - 9016 departs Walsall at 0940.
25* - 9016's powerful air-intake sound vibrates Tamworth High Level station as we depart at 1016.

26* - We depart Derby's platform 1 at 1049. After easing passed the speed restriction, Deltic 16 is opened up on its way north. Newly returned to service, this Deltic's exhausts are very quiet, but its bassy air-intakes drone loudly as we accelerate and pass through the tunnel.

* denotes on-train recording.


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