1959 to 1961 The Golden Years of Steam Recordings - Audio CD

The Golden
Years of Steam

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The Golden Years of Steam CD cover

Published by OK ROLLEM, this CD features previously unpublished recordings by Richard Margoschis (1921-2000), Les Brumpton (1921-2010) and Tom Grace (1927-1981).

A variety of classic steam locomotives at work across Britain, plus one recording from France. 1959-1961.


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These 3 sound recordists each innovated with their sound equipment to produce good quality stereo sounds, at a time when portable kit was not readily available. These are illustrated below. Firstly a Fi-cord 1A (introduced 1958) with a second head added to produce stereo. It had 3 inch reels. Secondly, a clockwork driven Nagra recorder from 1955, and stereo could be produced by using two such units slaved together. Thirdly, an EMI L2 recorder from 1955, converted to stereo in 1959.

Fi-cord 1A tape recorder Nagra tape recorder EMI L2 tape recorder

Richard Margoschis was a pioneering wildlife sound recordist. Les Brumpton recorded church organs, and he adapted the EMI L2 recorder to create stereo sound tracks. Tom Grace was with British Transport Films and went on to have a Fi-cord recorder modified for stereo. These 3 gents captured some wonderful railway history.

Here is the recording list for this CD:

1 - LNER A3 no.60088 climbing to Ais Gill summit. March 1961.

2 - LMS Princess Coronation no.46242 departing Penrith. March 1961.

3 - GWR King, "King Richard I" climbing to Wrangaton Summit and coasting past. July 1959.

4 - SR West Country no.34026 "Yes Tor" climbs into Evershot Tunnel. June 1961.

5 - SNCF 141 Class 4-8-2 no.1214 departing Nevers with a freight train for Paris. April 1960.

6 - LMS Duchess 46235 arriving and departing Stafford. June 1959.

7 - GWR Castle no.5023 "Brecon Castle" climbs the last mile to Whiteball summit. August 1959.

8 - LMS 0-8-0 49440 climbing away from Nuneaton. July 1959.

9 - LMS 2-6-4T 42404 and LMS Jubilee 45640 climbing Shap Fell. August 1960.

10 - LNER 4-4-0 D34 departs from Hawick station with a local train. June 1959.

11 - BR 9F 2-10-0 climbing out of the Severn Tunnel past Pilning. April 1960.

12 - LNER 4-6-0 B1 61270 and LNER 0-6-0 J17 65558 at Norwich. May 1959.

13 - GWR 2-8-0 3816 plus 3826 and GWR 4-6-0 Castle at Newport. April 1959.

14 - LMS 0-6-0s 58298 + 58163 on the Leicester and Swannington line at Thornton. May 1960.

15 - SR 2-6-0 Moguls 31809 piloting 31632 departing Ilfracombe for Salisbury. October 1961.

16 - LNER A2 60521 leaving Berwick with a down express. January 1960.

17 - LMS 4-6-0 45733 departing Llandudno Junction. September 1959.

18 - LMS 2-6-4T 42411 and WD 2-8-0 90333 at Halifax. December 1959.

19 - LNER 2-6-2 V2 60840 climbing from Riccarton Junction to Whitrope as V2 60818 passes. May 1960.


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