My Lords! Volume 1 - Archive sounds of classic diesels on audio CD

My Lords!
Volume 1

audio CD

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My Lords! 1 CD cover

Archive sounds of Deltics and other classic diesels in BR service, recorded by David Hier, Ian Strange and Gary Thornton.

Featuring classes 06, 20, 25, 31, 40, 45, 47, 50 and 55.

Mono recordings digitally enhanced with an added pseudo-stereo effect.

Recorded during 1978 to 1984.

Running time 80 minutes

Highlights include:
*** Several on-train Deltic runs, blasting away from station stops.
*** 55011 rolling into Peterborough on fire, beginning a whole sequence of events.
*** Class 40 'thrash'.


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Sample sound (mp3) from track number 1:

Here is the full recording list:

York, 21st October 1981:
1 - 55010 arrives on the 0940 from Kings Cross, into platform 3 (bay platform), at 1252. Its engines echo under the station canopy as it is prepared for uncoupling.
2 - As an 08 takes the empty stock from the above train away, 55010 follows up behind, light-engine.

3 - 55009 stands at the head of the 0940 Kings Cross-Edinburgh, made up of 10 early mark 2 coaches. A southbound HST passes and then the Deltic departs at 0957. 31st August 1981.
4 - 55002 in 2-tone green livery, departs on an additional service to Kings Cross, at 1202. 12th September 1981. A nice Welsh gent comments on how dirty the Deltic is (he is in the brown suit, with his son, doing a nameplate rubbing on the photo below).
55002 at Peterborough 12 Sep 1981

5 - A class 25 passes on a goods train. 18th April 1979. (GT)
6 - A pair of 20s propel a goods train passed, and then a DMU coasts by. A class 25 passes on another goods, stops, and immediately propels its train back again. 18th April 1979. (GT)
7 - An electric loco runs by light, and a pair of 20s accelerate passed on a goods working. 20th April 1979. (GT)

8* - 55016 departs Newark on the 0550 Kings Cross to Aberdeen. 14th August 1980. (GT)
9* - 55021 departs Doncaster on the 1811 York to Kings Cross. 7th August 1979. (GT)
10 - 55021 departs Grantham on the above service and then 55003 arrives from the south. 7th August 1979. (GT)

Peterborough, 18th April 1981:
11 - a) 55011 arrives on the 1405 Kings Cross-York, but its exhaust is on fire. The fire has spread outside the exhaust into the lagging, so the engines are shut down and CO2 extinguishers can be heard, but these are ineffective.
b) The station-master asks all spotters to go to platform 3, but everyone stays put!
c) Announcements are made.
d) The station-master asks for the British Transport Police.
e) 40006 backs onto the Deltic.
f) 40006 is coupled up to 55011.
g) 40006 tows the Deltic away.
h) 31403 backs onto the York train.
i) 40006 propels the silent 55011 passed behind the mic into the freight loop, and then hauls it into a siding.
j) 31403 sets off with the York train 45 minutes late, as 40006 idles nearby. (DH)

12 - Peterborough, 2nd May 1981: 47218 on a southbound fly-ash working, almost halts at the signal on the fast-line, which then clears. We hear the classic 'domino' effect as the wagons buffer together and then the couplings extend again. An HST (43101/058) passes through north.
13 - 50042 pulls away light-engine at 1154hrs, at Birmingham New Street. 18th February 1983.
14 - The cab door is slammed shut and 45075 departs Sheffield at 1847hrs, on a north-east/south-west service. 28th March 1983.
15 - Doncaster, at 2239hrs. 47104 pulls away from platform 1 on a freightliner, and 08115 is heard in the background. 19th April 1983.

Buxton, 29th May 1978:
16 - A class 40 runs passed light. (GT)
17 - Another 40 runs light. (GT)
18 - A pair of class 40s back onto a train and shut down. (GT)

Scotland, August 1978:
19* - 40150 pulls away from Mossend. 8th August 1978. (GT)
20* - 40150 is halted briefly at a signal before drawing to its next station stop. 8th August 1978. (GT)
21* - 40150 departs Dundee. 8th August 1978. (GT)
22* - 06006 in-cab at Dundee depot. 10th August 1978. (GT)

23* - 55004 departs Grantham on the 1A04, 0700 Hull to Kings Cross. 12th January 1980. (GT)
24 - 55014 sets off from its Newark stop, northbound. January 1980. (GT)

25* - a) 55016 rolls into Peterborough, heard from the platform.
b) After taking the mic onboard the leading coach, 55016 departs on the 1403 Kings Cross to York, running 10 minutes late at 1521. Young enthusiasts onboard shout their approval as the driver gives us a spirited departure. 21st July 1981. (DH)
26 - 55015 departs Peterborough on the 0936 Hull to Kings Cross. 25th July 1981 (see photo below). (DH)
55015 at Peterborough 25 July 1981

27 - After chatting to the loco crew, the voice of the secondman can be heard, as 31127 departs Selby at 2116hrs (on a service from Hull). 23rd June 1983.
28 - 45109 makes a smart departure northbound, from Leicester, at 1916hrs. 22nd February 1984.

29* - 55006 pulls out of Peterborough with the 1143 York-Kings Cross. 3rd August 1980. (GT)
30* - 55019 departs Grantham on the 1005hrs Kings Cross to Edinburgh, getting a bit of wheel-slip in the process. 11th August 1980. (GT)
31* - 55019 departs Newark on the above service. (GT)

32 - During the late morning, a northerly breeze carries the sound of 45112 running light, as it crosses from the goods line to the down main. Leicester, 18th September 1983.

East Coast Main Line, 1980:
33* - 55004 departs Huntingdon with the 1005hrs Kings Cross to York. 18th February 1980. (GT)
34* - 55021 departs Grimsby with the 1313hrs Cleethorpes to Kings Cross, over jointed rails. 14th August 1980. (GT)
35* - 55014 makes a very brisk standing start from Grantham, northbound. January 1980. (GT)

* denotes on-train recording.
(DH) denotes recording copyright of David Hier.
(GT) denotes recording copyright of Gary Thornton.
All other recordings are copyright of Ian Strange.

Cover photo is of 55015 departing Newark, 9th August 1979 (by Gary Thornton).


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