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Roaring Through the Shires of England CD cover
Diesels and electrics on the main line, recorded by Bob Mullins. Published by Ian Strange.

Recorded during 1984 to 2004.


Featuring classes 26, 31, 33, 37, 45, 47, 50, 56, 60, 86, 87, 89, 91, Deltic, HST, EMU, on the main line around England.

Highlights include:
** Activity inside Wellingborough signalbox.
** Deltics shooting through Sandy.
** Rare class 89 recording.


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Roaring Though the Shires playlist PDF

Here is the full recording list:

Bletchley (Bucks)

1 - 31217 erupts into life inside Bletchley TMD (20/5/85).
2 - 56043 brings a train of hoppers along the Bletchley flyover in the half light of dawn enroute to the Wolverton stone terminal.
3 - Pigeons coo as a dmu pulls in on the first service of the day to Bedford (9/11/91).

Sandy (Beds)

4 - D9000 "Royal Scots Grey" charges through northbound on the "Lindum Deltic" (2/3/97).
5 - 89001 "Avocet" whirrs south followed soon after by D9000, first heard climbing up from the Bedfordshire Levels with the "Trans Pennine Deltic" railtour to Liverpool (18/10/97).
6 - D9009 "Alycidon" tears past with the "White Rose" railtour to Newcastle (17/5/03).
7 - 55019 "Royal Highland Fusilier" passes south with a railtour, her distinctive sound being echoed by waiting children (7/6/03).

Preston (Lancs)

8 - 26025 and 31434 depart with an enthusiasts' train on Network North West Rail Day (20/10/90).
9 - Later on the same day, 20140, 20120 and a 31 also depart north with another trainload of gricers.
10 - 47532 couples up to a diverted Euston to Glasgow train under the overall roof of Preston station. Departure is brisk with the recording finishing as the train branches off at Farington Curve Junction for Blackburn and the S & C. (27/3/89).

Wellingborough (Northants)

11 - Inside Wellingborough station signal box on a May evening in 1984. Bells ring out and levers are pulled before a HST passes on the Midland Main Line.
12 - Double headed Peaks, 45102 and 45143 arrive on a Sunday evening train from Derby to St. Pancras. Once away both engines open up for the long climb past Irchester and Wymington towards Sharnbrook summit (20/5/84).
13 - 3 in 1 - A 47 is heard heading north near the former site of Irchester station on the slow line with a freight. Seconds later a 47 rushes past with a down express and passes three 20's heading south with a railtour. Recorded inside a hedge and unedited (2/5/97).

Reading (Berks)

14 - A class 205 unit departs with a train to Basingstoke.
15 - 59104 "Village of Great Elm" pulls away westwards with a long train of ARC hoppers followed in the same direction by 37350 and 37280 on tankers.
16 - 56079 roars through the up through road with loaded cement wagons.
17 - A dmu departs followed by train announcements (all 20/3/92).
18 - 50046 "Ajax" manoeuvres onto a rake of mark one coaches and after a pause departs for Paddington.
19 - On a well filled commuter train hauled by 50040 "Leviathan" as it leaves Reading and accelerates along the Thames valley towards Didcot (all 10/2/89).

Fenny Compton (Warwicks)

20 - Darkness accentuates the sound of a class 47 as it powers a maritime freightliner through the cutting under the A423 and on towards Banbury and Southampton (10/84).

Rugby (Warwicks)

21 - PW workers are heard shovelling ballast on the up fast line as an 85 arrives in the bay platform with an inspection train. The look out blows his whistle and shouts a warning before 86255 "Penrith Beacon" passes south (29/2/84).
22 - A class 321 arrives on a Birmingham train as D9000 powers the summer Saturdays only train to Ramsgate (15/8/98).
23 - With the overall roof in a sad state of repair, raindrops fall on the microphone as an express is heard passing northbound. 87019 "Sir Winston Churchill" then passes south with 08939 in hot pursuit (25/5/00).
24 - Thunderbird loco, 47851 "Traction Magazine" is started up and moves off to await her train. 47828 "Severn Valley Railway - Kidderminster, Bewdley, Bridgnorth" arrives and is detached. 47851 then departs for Carmarthen nearly three hours late (14/2/04).

Gretton (Northants)

25 - 37082 "British Steel Teeside" and 37017 "British Steel Shelton" disturb the birdsong as they leave Corby Tunnel and head past Gretton with an empty steel coil train for Lackenby (June 86).

Oxford (Oxon)

26 - The instructions "all change" echo along the platform as a dmu arrives from Reading.
27 - 37223 flourishes her horn as she speeds a freight southwards.
28 - 58005 passes through with a loaded mgr train bound for Didcot power station. Minutes later 58047 heads northbound with empty mgrs (12/8/88).
29 - 50050 "Fearless" awaits departure on a Paddington train as 56018 surges through with loaded mgrs for Didcot P. S. 50050 then departs and reveals 47079 idling on the up through line.
30 - A class 50 idles in a bay platform as an announcement is made about the down "Cathedrals Express". Later, the "Cathedrals" departs behind 47571 hauling a HST set with the rear power car in operation.
31 - More trouble! - This time 47095 backfires its way north (all 9/9/88).

Maiden Newton (Dorset)

32 - 31405 arrives to the sound of church bells. After a short pause she departs towards Westbury and Bristol leaving the church bells to ring out across the lush Dorset meadows uninterrupted (5/7/86).
33 - On board a Weymouth bound train hauled by 33044 as it accelerates away from Maiden Newton (12/7/86).

Grantham (Lincs)

34 - A HST storms through bound for Kings Cross (17/5/97).
35 - A class 91 passes through northbound as the ever helpful station staff inform customers of D9000's progress south. Eventually D9000 passes through at speed (10/5/98).
36 - 60024 restarts a train of tankers bound for the Humber. Shortly afterwards 55019 "Royal Highland Fusilier" accelerates a railtour southbound through the station (26/2/00).
37 - Rain clouds scud across the sky as D9000 tears through bound for York - what a tremendous class of loco!! (29/11/97).

Whiteball (Devon)

38 - 50032 "Courageous" is heard from inside a copse mile west of Whiteball Tunnel accelerating hard up the 1 in 115 gradient. She roars past towards the tunnel and Taunton. 33037 follows in the same direction with a train for Bristol (15/7/85).

Wellingborough (Northants)

39 - 56024 accelerates "The Dukeries Collier" railtour northbound past the old round house (27/6/92).
40 - 25229 ambles along the slow line towards Kettering on a warm cloudless June evening with an ecs train. As the sound of the engine subsides the signal arm clatters back to danger and the bird song returns....... (June 84).


Price includes worldwide postage.

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