Free sound samples of diesel locos and aeroplanes

Free sound samples
(diesel locos and aircraft)

You might think you've heard some great
sound tracks on modern videos, but the
sounds I supply are in a different league!

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To help prove this point, I present here a few short samples of railway and aircraft sounds.

Please note: To fully appreciate the quality, these should be listened to on good home stereo speakers (not head-phones). That way, you can feel the furniture and floor vibrate and get the full experience.

Technical note: These sound samples won't work on older browsers, notably IE up to version 8.

Railway Sound Samples

Double-header class 37 thunders up the Lickey Incline (5Mb):

Full recording can be heard on my CD Diesel Rumble.

Deltic 55019 runs light (both engines running) (6Mb):

Note that this Deltic will be barely audible unless played on full size speakers.

Full recording can be heard on my CD Deltic Drone

Aircraft Sound Samples

Spitfire (4Mb):

You can feel the vibrations even as it flies away from the listener.

Full recording can be heard on my CD Airborne Sounds

Typhoon jet (5Mb):

A major assault on the microphone and our ears!

Full recording can be heard on my CD Airborne Sounds

Vulcan howling! This recording was done on older equipment back in 1991, but has been tweaked to enhance it (4Mb):

Full recording can be heard on my CD Mending the Sound Barrier

Even professional (as in film/TV/music industries) sound recording rarely catches the 'feel' that enthusiasts appreciate. That is because the techniques for recording differ, since other sound professions usually have very different criteria for capturing sounds (usually sound effects and dialogue). The recordings that I publish are not sound effects. They record events with full atmosphere, with engine sounds as the subject.


All these recordings are copyright of Ian Strange. However, I'm happy for these samples to be used (non-commercially), provided that credit is given either to "Ian Strange" or "".

If you are interested in using my recordings (or sound services) commercially, then please e-mail Ian.

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