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Mending the Sound Barrier

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2 Miles per Minute

37 Thunder

Blue Haze 1

Blue Haze 2

The BR Blues

Deltic Drone

Deltic Farewell

Deltics and Co.

Deltics and other Diesels Volume 1

Deltics and other Diesels Volume 2

Deltics and other Diesels Volume 3

Diesel Generations

Diesel Rumble

Diesel Traction in Action Volume 3

Diesel Traction in Action Volume 2

Diesel Traction in Action Volume 1


An Electric Awayday

Good Pulsations Volume 1

Good Pulsations Volume 2

Good Pulsations Volume 3

Good Pulsations Volume 4

Good Pulsations Volume 5

Good Pulsations Volume 6

Good Pulsations Volume 7

Good Pulsations Volume 8

Good Pulsations Volume 9


My Lords! Volume 1

My Lords! Volume 2

Napier Crowd Pullers - 1

Napier Crowd Pullers - 2

Roaring 55s

Super Heated

V for Valenta

Vintage Whine

The Golden Years of Steam

British Steam 1961 to 1967 Vol. 1

British Steam 1961 to 1967 Vol. 2

Britannias Rule

Fifteen Guinea Special

Forgotten Diesels

An Engineman's Life for me

Tail End Charlie

Classic British Motorcycles

The First Years of Speedway Racing in England

Motorcycling Memories Before World War One

Bob Mullins' Railway CDs
Roaring Through the Shires of England

Northampton Sounds

Midland Miscellany

Midland Miscellany 2

Valenta Valediction

The Late Ron Collen-Jones Collection
Diesels 69-86

Eastern Vibrations

Great Western Diesels

Haste Ye Back

Hydraulic Heaven


Rare D and D Archive

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Relaxation Sounds of Nature and Railways (2 albums)

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Deltic De-Mythology booklet

Enhancing and editing audio including video sound-tracks

Publishing and Restoring Recordings

Deltic Recording Techniques

Recording Reminiscences part 1

Recording Reminiscences part 2

Recording Reminiscences part 3

The Equaliser - an Epic Struggle for Justice!

Sound Recording Equipment

7 Owners from New

Technical Section Contents

Tech Section: Underframe

Tech Section: Bodywork

Tech Section: Bogies

Tech Section: Engines

Tech Section: Electrical

Tech Section: Air and Vacuum

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Deltics - their History

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