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It's as annoying to me, as to you, if a CD fails, but fortunately
this is now a more rare occurance than in earlier years.

If you have bought a CD produced by myself, and it has failed,
then check the options below to see what help I can provide.

Older CD players

The CDs I publish are done on CD-R discs (recordable CDs). CD players made since about the late 1990s are designed to cope fully with CD-Rs. If you use an older CD player, there is the risk of playback being temperamental depending on the quality of the player, and the compatibility of player and disc. The most common problem is when trying to skip to a particular track, although the player will almost certainly play the disc through from track 1. If you have a pre-2000 CD player and experience problems, please try the CD in a newer player before reporting a disc fault.

Overload clicks

If you notice a problem with clicks/crackles on the loudest sounds, before returning the CD as faulty, make sure that it is not caused by your hi-fi set-up. This is not a hi-fi fault issue, but a curious side-effect of connecting certain digital devices to analogue amplifiers. When digital audio devices are switched completely off, they can cause other devices in use to experience this problem. So, try switching on the power of any other digital equipment that is linked to your amplifier.

UK Distance Selling Regulations

A CD (not defective) can be returned within 7 days for a refund, but only if the packaging has not been unsealed.

If returning a faulty CD, please only send the disc without the case.

A free replacement will be supplied (subject to the conditions outlined below)
provided that the disc has no signs of damage that might have caused
the fault, such as:

- scratches
- marks
- stains
- evidence of exposure to sunlight (patchy discolouring)

unless this damage occurred in the post.

If your CD is faulty from new

This is unlikely, as all CDs get a quick test. If it is faulty on arrival, then return the disc only (not the case) for a replacement, as soon as possible (and definitely within 28 days of purchase). If you bought it from a retailer, you can still return the disc to me for a replacement within the same time-scale, but enclose the receipt if possible (or else state when and where it was purchased).

If your CD fails within 5 years of purchase, and was purchased directly from me

Please return the disc for a free replacement.

If your CD fails some time after purchasing from a retailer
If your CD fails 5 or more years after purchasing directly from me
If your CD fails due to damage while in your possession

I can supply a replacement disc at a cost of 3 (incl. UK postage), provided that the old defective/damaged disc is returned.

If your CD case has arrived damaged in the post (and was purchased directly from me)

Return the case in the original postal packaging for a free replacement.

Please e-mail Ian if you need to obtain contact details for returning your disc or require any further information.

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