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37 Thunder CD 	cover
WARNING! The thrash meters on your hi-fi may get stuck in the red zone!

Sounds of class 37s.

From digital mini-disc original recordings

Recorded during 1998 to 2000.

Running time 74 minutes

37/4s thrashing away on NWT's Birmingham to Holyhead services heard at Birmingham, Stafford and Crewe. Plus the mighty Ruston racket of 37906 at the East Lancs railway and some other class 37 sub-groups.

Highlights include:
**On-train standing start in a tunnel behind 37401
**Double-header blasts out of Stafford
**37906 ("Slug 6") on the East Lancs Beerex hauling 14 coaches + dead class 47 up the gradient (epic lineside recording)


Price includes worldwide postage.

Here is the cast list:
37057, 37154, 37375, 37377, 37401, 37408, 37412, 37415, 37418, 37420, 37421, 37425, 37426, 37429, 37603, 37610, 37612, 37906 and D6700.

You can download a illustrated pdf version of the playlist:
37 Thunder playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 20:

37421 departs Crewe on ECS.

Here is the full recording list:

Birmingham New Street 12th December 1998
1* - 37401 departs for Holyhead at 1423. Apparent brake trouble on the old mark 2a coaches brings us to a halt just inside the tunnel. The 37 has a brief tug-of-war with the train brakes before making a rousing standing start through the long tunnel.

Leicester 17th April 1999
2 - 37612/610 set off for Whitby on Eagle Railtours' "The Esk Valley Explorer", at 0834 (see front cover main photo) with a class 31 hooked on the rear.

37612/610 at Leicester 1999

Crewe 24th April 1999
3 - 37375 removes the test train from the south end of the station, as 56007 tows a class 92 in the background.
4 - 37420 in Regional Railways livery, blasts away from platform 11 (at 1531) heading for Holyhead.

Stafford 2nd May 1999
5 - 37408/421 depart for Birmingham on the last train back from Holyhead (Sunday evening).

Birmingham New Street 24th April 1999
6* - 37415 departs at 1208 for Holyhead, the driver revving it up under each bridge.

Stafford 9th May 1999
7 - 37420 gets a single yellow signal and departs at 2108 on its way back to Birmingham on a Sunday evening in the fading daylight.

Wakefield Kirkgate 12th May 1999
8 - 37377 pulls away eastbound from a signal stop with a freightliner at around 2120 (behind the microphone).

Birmingham New Street 31st July 1999
9 - 37154 rolls backwards a little, then accelerates away from platform 3 on an NWT Holyhead service at 1425.

15th August 1999
10 - 37426 makes a brisk start from platform 12, Crewe, at 2005 hours heading for Holyhead.
11 - 37412/408 blast away from Stafford at 2047 on the last train back from Holyhead (Sunday).

Crewe 18th March 2000
12 - 37401 pulls away on an additional service for Cardiff at 0805. 37415 then runs through light.

37612 at Crewe
13 - 37612 sets off at 0843 for Cardiff.
14 - 37426 makes a pretty lively start from platform 11 on its way back to Birmingham at around 0850.
15 - At 1134, 37057 runs light out of the sidings and out onto the main line.

Bargoed 18th March 1999
16 - 37412 pulls away and into the distance.

Stafford 18th March 2000
17 - 37429 arrives and departs (at 1317) for Birmingham watched by a crowd of photographers.

Crewe 20th May 2000
18 - 37412, parked under the road bridge, makes some serious racket as it blasts out from platform 12 on a Holyhead working at 0917.

Birmingham New Street 1st July 2000
19 - 37425's engine is hunting badly, as it idles and then sets off from platform 3 for Holyhead at 1007 hours (heard from under the road bridge).

Crewe 6th October 2000
20 - After nightfall, 37421 on ECS pulls away from the south end of platform 12 in the early evening.

East Lancs Railway 11th September 1999
21* - 37906 delights the crowds as it eases out of Bury at 1043.
22* - 37906 pulls away from Summerseat and demonstrates what Britain's loudest loco sounds like in a tunnel!
23 - 37906 pulls out of Irwell Vale at 1109, still on its outward journey.
24 - It is raining lightly at Summerseat as 37906 glides in, stops briefly, and is away again at 1526 heading back to Bury.
25 - The location is Irwell Vale. It had just stopped drizzling and is almost dark with a field mist spilling out onto the line. Almost 6 miles away 37906 can be heard having just started out from Bury. Its trailing load is 14 coaches plus a dead 47306. On the unedited original recording, it was heard on and off approaching for a full 18 minutes! Shooting flames from its exhaust, this fire-breathing monster snarls its way up the hill and power is shut off just before passing at 2025. Once safely over the level crossing, 37906 opens up again and powers into the distance.

Bristol Parkway 15th May 1999
26 - D6700 pulls away on a railtour (the "Eastern Envoy") that had earlier seen Deltic (D9000) haulage.

Bridge of Orchy 31st May 2000
27 - 37603 pulls away on a British Alcan working of aluminium ingots.

Stafford 27th June 1999
28 - 37418/426 demonstrate how to shift 10 coaches in a hurry as they head for Birmingham on a Sunday evening.

* denotes on-train recording.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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