DIESEL TRACTION IN ACTION Volume 3 - Classic diesel loco sounds on CD

Volume 3

audio CD

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Diesel Traction In Action Volume 3 CD cover

Thunderous 37s, floor-shaking 56s, preserved Peak, Whistler, Western and Deltic on the main line, plus preserved line action.

From digital mini-disc original recordings

Recorded during 1998 to 2003.

Running time 74 minutes

Classes 20, 25, 37/9, 40, 42, 45, 47 & 73 on preserved lines.
Classes 31, 33, 37, 40, 45, 47, 52, 55, 56, 58, 60, 66, 67, HST & Hastings unit on the main line.

Highlights include:
**D345's main line debut
**Western's main line test run
**56088 on an MGR working
**Double-header 56s on the Lickey
**D9009 and 67006 'racing' up Stoke Bank!


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Diesel Traction in Action Volume 3 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 33:

Class 56 at Leicester.

Here is the full recording list:

1 - D345's main line return on a railtour to Holyhead, "The Christmas Cracker". It launches its train out of Birmingham New Street in fine style (30th November 2002).
2 - In heavy rain one evening at Crewe, 60012 departs with "The Blade & Owl" railtour (12th December 1998).
3 - After a slight delay, 31452/468 pull out of Derby heading for York on the "Yorkian Gargoylian" railtour (13th February 1999).
4 - 37796 eases away from Rugby on a ballast train at around 2220hrs, and is followed up by a light 58014 which had arrived with this train earlier (27th March 1999).
5 - At Butterley (Midland Railway Centre) DRS 20314/306 plus D8001 accelerate passed the signalbox towards Swanwick (28th March 1999).
6 - 37415 blasts away from Crewe for Holyhead at 1317 (24th April 1999).
7 - On-train recording of 37420 departing Crewe on a Sunday evening at 2038 returning to Birmingham from Holyhead (9th May 1999).
8 - 37418 departs Crewe at 1317 on a Holyhead service (15th May 1999).
9 - D6593/37029 depart Crewe on a service for Cardiff (14th Aug. '99).

73113 at Bury

East Lancs Railway EWS Event, 11th September 1999:
10 - Recorded from an adjacent train, 73113 departs Bury (73129 dead at the rear) at 1235. A few passengers on 'my' train work up some enthusiasm for the ED!
11 - At Summerseat, 37906 pulls away downhill towards Bury, at 1152.
12 - Back at Bury, 73113 arrives.
13 - The driver of 56006 sounds each horn, then both together (loud enough to clear a path 10 miles long!) before a quick burst of acceleration out of Bury, at 1314.
14 - It is raining lightly at Summerseat. 47306 gets repeated wheel-slip as it departs uphill, and the rear wheel-set can be heard sliding.
15 - At approx. 2045hrs, it is dark and wet at Irwell Vale. On the return leg of the "Beerex", 47306 cautiously approaches and then accelerates passed with 14 coaches plus 37906 bringing up at the rear.


16 - At Banbury, 66106 gets an MGR working under way southbound. The lower-quadrant signal can be heard at the end. (18th September 1999).

Barnetby (29th November 1999):
17 - 56085 accelerates through eastbound at midday with an MGR working.
18 - 56029 on another MGR crosses the junction from the Scunthorpe line and accelerates up to Barnetby station before shutting off power at 1345.


Newport (18th March 2000):
19 - 37612 departs on an additional service train from Crewe to Cardiff.
20 - Hastings unit 1001 pulls out, as an HST does its best to interrupt!


Nuneaton (1st April 2000):
21 - 58005 arrives with a railtour on its way to Carlisle.
22 - A Virgin HST whizzes through on an up service, then 58005 departs with the 13 coach railtour at 0834.


23 - Birmingham New Street. 47829 belches out smoke under the footbridge and moves away swiftly from the west end of the station. (1st July 2000).

East Lancs Railway (9th September 2000):
24 - D345 starts up in Bury Bolton Street at 1300hrs. It begins to depart but a member of station staff flags it down for a late arriving passenger.
25 - On-train with Warship 832 departing Summerseat at 1329 and then accelerating through the tunnels.
26 - 45135 makes an impressive racket as it departs Bury at 1409.
45135 at Bury 2000

27 - 45135 makes a hasty get-away from Summerseat towards Bury at 1530.
28 - D8087/D335 ease out of Bury in the late afternoon.

Great Central Railway (21st September 2001):
29 - D7629 departs Quorn for Loughborough at 1159.
30 - D7629/25265 on another northbound departure from Quorn, at 1506.


Derby (28th January 2002):
31 - D1015 "Western Champion" departs platform 1 at 1300hrs heading north during a main line test run, running on one engine (see front cover inset photo).
32 - At 1453, D1015 departs platform 6 on the return leg of the test run.

D1015 Derby 2002


33 - At Leicester, 56088 eases through along platform 1 at 1925hrs with a northbound MGR. As the rear of the train clears the restriction, the driver progressively applies power. (18th February 2002).

D1015 at Paddington
London Paddington (23rd February 2002):
34 - After the arrival of the "Western Pathfinder" railtour (behind 46035), D1015 is heard running onto the train ready to take it on to Bristol.
35 - The natives were unfriendly (!), so the big departure is heard from the car-park. 25 years of waiting is over as D1015 eases out gently at 1228.


36 - A shortage of Midland Main Line HSTs resulted in some loco-hauled services on weekdays during 2002. Green-liveried 47488 departs swiftly from Leicester at 1907, on the 1730 St. Pancras to Sheffield (13th March 2002).

37 - D1015 departs Barnt Green at 0850 on a railtour heading south-west. A little girl then reports on a 37 that she had seen the previous day! (26th October 2002).

38 - Loadhaul liveried 56118/107 storm the Lickey Incline at 1938hrs on a railtour. No more words are necessary! (2nd August 2003).

39 - At Leicester on an August Bank Holiday evening, 45112 arrives with an ECS, reviving memories of blue Peaks at Leicester years ago. The driver carefully keeps the train rolling slowly - as 'normals' wonder if this is their service train to London! - until the road is given and he can accelerate passed. Hall class steam loco no.4965 brings up at the rear. (25th August 2003).

45112 at Leicester

45112 at Leicester

40 - At Peterborough, 40145, arrives for a quick crew change. At 1201, a hasty standing start is made as it continues on to Kings Cross on the "Capital Whister" railtour (see front cover main photo). (6th September 2003).

...and finally:
41 - This recording at Little Bytham is a small insight into an interesting scenario. D9009 was on a railtour from Ashford to York and had called at Peterborough. Also at Peterborough was another railtour running late, hauled by 67006. The 67 was let out first and on the fast line, then the Deltic set off on the slow line, with the added setback of the 25mph restriction at Helpston Junction. With the sound of a cuckoo in the background and large drops of rain falling, D9009 can be heard approaching on the down-slow. The sound of the 67 then mingles with it before tearing passed on the down-fast. A light GBRf 66 then passes by on the up-slow, before the mighty Deltic roars passed, evidently catching up! (17th May 2003).


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