Blue Haze 2 - Archive sounds of Deltics on audio CD.

Blue Haze 2

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Blue Haze 2 CD cover

Archive sounds of Deltics in BR service, recorded by John Bachelor, Malcolm Hicks, Bob Mullins and Gary Thornton. Restored and published by Ian Strange.

Mono recordings digitally enhanced with an added pseudo-stereo effect.
Re-mastered again in 2016 for better quality and extended to 80 minutes.

Plus 3 stereo tracks at the end.

Recorded during 1978 to 1982.

Running time 80 minutes

Highlights include:
*** The driver of 55016 (at Kings Cross) was asked to "show us what it can do". He did!
*** High speed run-pasts at St. Neots.
*** 55017's final run and demise (maybe not a "highlight" but of historic interest).


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Sample sound (mp3) from track number 11:

55003 departs Peterborough.

Here is the full recording list:

1* - The driver of 55016 was asked to "show us what it can do" and he obliges! Deltic 16 blasts out of Kings Cross on 1D02 (1205 Kings Cross-Hull), roars through the tunnels and gets wheel-slip a few times. 12th January 1980. (GT)
2* - 55016 continues its lively run as it departs Huntingdon. (GT)

St. Neots 10th June 1978:
3 - 55005 tears passed on the 0900 Kings Cross-Edinburgh. (GT)
4 - The driver of 55018 sounds a warning before rushing through northbound. (GT)
5 - 55017 cruises through southbound. (GT)
6 - 55015's rear engine picks up before passing on the 1055 Kings Cross-Edinburgh. (GT)
7 - 55003 opens up and roars through (1250 Leeds-Kings Cross). (GT)

"Deltic Ranger" re-run railtour (1Z15), 5th March 1978:
8* - 55003 accelerates after passing Torre, on the Paignton to Newton Abbot leg of the tour, over jointed rails. (GT)

Deltics during 1980:
9* - 55009 departs Peterborough on 1L44 (1605 Kings Cross-York) 12th January 1980. (GT)
10 - 55005 departs Huntingdon on the late running 1215 York-Kings Cross and roars into the distance. 55003 arrives on the 1405 Kings Cross-York. 18th February 1980. (GT)
11 - 55003 revs wildly as it sets off from Peterborough (1405 Kings Cross-York). 18th February 1980. (GT)
12 - 55014 makes a spirited departure from Huntingdon (1245 Hull-Kings Cross), an HST passes by, and the Deltic is heard in the distance. 18th February 1980. (GT)
13 - 55018 departs Huntingdon (1550 York-KX). 18th Feb. 1980. (GT)
14 - 55006 departs Huntingdon (1143 York-KX). 3rd Aug. 1980. (GT)
15* - 55021 departs Habrough. (1313 Cleethorpes-Kings Cross) 14th August 1980. (GT)
16* - 55019 makes a storming departure from Newark (0840 Kings Cross-Newcastle) 17th August 1980. (GT)
17* - 55018 departs Kings Cross (1005 to York) 22nd October 1980. See front cover photo. (GT)
18* - 55004 departs Peterborough (0933 Hull-KX). 22nd Oct. 1980. (GT)
19* - 55011 departs Huntingdon (1205 KX-Hull). 22nd Oct. 1980. (GT)

1981 recordings:
20 - The final Deltic-hauled "Hull Executive" hurtles through Peterborough behind 55015. 3rd January 1981. (RM)
21* - 55017 departs Leuchars (0910 Dundee-KX), 15th August 1981. (GT)
22* - 55015 blasts out of Dunbar (0550 KX-Aberdeen) 15th August 1981. (GT)
23* - 55013 departs Arbroath (0550 KX-Aberdeen). 17th August 1981. (GT)
24 - a) 55007 "Pinza" moves out of Finsbury Park shed road (after cleaning for the "Deltic Anglian" railtour).
b) 55007 moves onto an adjacent line. Once in position for photos she is shut down.
c) 55007 is started up and shut down specially for the sound recordist. 11th September 1981. (RM)
25* - 55015 accelerates between Stratford and Finsbury Park, on the outward leg of the "Wessex Deltic" railtour. 10th October 1981. (JB)

Kings Cross:
26 - A class 31 departs on vans as 55014 moves up to the end of platform 3, at 1157. 31st October 1981. (JB)
27 - 55014 runs light out of platform 3 at 1159. 31st October 1981. (JB)
28 - Three different classes of light engine. 40075 runs hastily out of platform 5 at 0818. Then 55013 leaves platform 7. 31222 is heard in the west sidings, with the Deltic and 40 (running into platform 3) in the background. 55013 runs into platform 5. 7th Nov. 1981. (JB)
29 - 55016 hauls away some empty stock (from a York service) from platform 3 at 1137. 21st November 1981. (JB)

55010 on the 1A31, 1814 York-Kings Cross, 30th November 1981:
30* - a) 55010 arrives at Selby.
b) 55010 departs Selby. (MH)
31* - 55010 departs Doncaster (MH)
32* - 55010 departs Newark, gathering speed very swiftly again. (MH)
33* - A hasty standing start from Grantham, as 55010 s wheels slip. (MH)
34 - We alight at Peterborough and 55010 departs. (MH)

55017's final working, the 1603 Kings Cross to York, 31st December 1981. This service was seen off by TV news cameras and the loco carried headboards and a wreath:
35* - 55017 recovers from a signal-check north of Hitchin at 1631. (JB)
36* - 55017 departs Huntingdon at 1652, both engines still running. (JB)
37 - 55017 sets off from Peterborough at 1713. (JB)
(After reaching Grantham, this service was terminated due to a broken rail further north. 55017 then ran an additional service back south):
38* - 55017, now running on one engine, departs Stevenage at 2004hrs. As speed gathers, the Deltic's control circuit breaker apparently trips, the engine shuts down and the emergency brakes come on. After we stop, even the 'bashers' are silent for a few moments! (JB)
39* - a) 55017, having re-started both engines and drawn up to the next signal, revs up an engine. One engine stalls.
b) 55017 revs up again.
c) 55017 has its second engine re-started, which stalls and is started again. (JB)

Stereo recordings:

40 - 55016 departs for York, on a freezing cold 12th December 1981 at Peterborough, and a class 31 sets off for Birmingham. Recorded just after the DPS committee meeting that decided on which Deltics the DPS would purchase. (RM)
41 - 55009 and 55019 leave Doncaster Works after being officially handed over to the DPS. 20th August 1982. (RM)
42* - With snow lying thick and even, 55009 departs from Norwich with the "Deltic Broadsman" railtour, on a freezing cold 19th December 1981. Once clear of the junctions, 55009's exhausts roar very loudly as we gather speed. (RM)

* denotes on-train recording.
(JB) denotes recording copyright of John Bachelor.
(MH) denotes recording copyright of Malcolm Hicks.
(RM) denotes recording copyright of Bob Mullins.
(GT) denotes recording copyright of Gary Thornton.


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