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Classic British Motorcycles CD cover

Published by OK ROLLEM, this CD features classic British motorcycles spanning more than fifty years. Edited and produced by Ken Mellor (first released in 1982 by Audicord Records).

A variety of classic British motorcycles including great names such as BSA, Norton, Triumph, Brough Superior and AJS.


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Here is the recording list for this CD:

1 Velocette KSS 350cc OHC 1936.
2 Brough Superior Pendine 998cc JAP JTOY V-twin 1932.
3 Wilkinson Touring Motorcycle 700cc 4-cylinder inline water cooled shaft drive. 1914.
4 Triumph T100 Sports twin 1939.
5 Triumph Bonneville 650cc twin 1959.
6 Triumph 5/10 500cc single. Ex Allan Jeffries works racer 1935.
7 Triumph Daytona T100T 499cc twin carb. sports twin 1959.
8 Triumph Cub 199cc 1954.
9 Coventry Eagle 197cc Villiers 2-stroke 1934.
10 BSA 'Sloper' 493cc 1929.
11 AJS model 18 498cc 1948.
12 Norton ES2 490cc 1937.
13 BSA G14 side valve v-twin 986cc 1932.
14 Velocette Viper 349cc 1959.
15 Ariel LH Red Hunter 250cc 1938.
16 Douglas 'Dirt Track' model in-line flat twin 1930.
17 Velocette MOV 248cc 1936 (adapted for racing with straight through exhaust).
18 BSA 'Empire Star' 498cc 2-port model 1936.
19 AJS 350cc 'Big Port' 1926.
20 Scott Super Squirrel 2-stroke 1925.
21 Vincent 'Black Lightning' 998cc 1953.
22 Rudge 249cc 2-port 4-valve 1936 (2 machines warming up prior to a race).
23 Norton 498cc DOHC Manx 1962 (warming up prior to a race).
24 British road race supremacy. Excelsior F12 Dominator, Rudge 250cc, Triumph Twin, Velocette KTT and Royal Enfield 250cc.
25 Speedway 5-stud JAP 500cc (2 machines on starting line).
26 Rudge 'Dirt Track' model 500cc 4-valve (2 machines on starting line).
27 Out on the road. AJS model 18 followed by BSA C11 250cc 1950.
28 Matchless G3L 350cc 1951 followed by BSA 'S' 493 side valve 1925.
29 BSA M20 side valve followed by Norton ES2 490cc 1937, Matchless G80 498cc 1957 & Vincent Black Shadow 998cc series C 1950.
30 AJS V-twin side valve 998cc 1929.
31 Vincent Black Shadow 998cc series C 1952.
32 AJS 7R 'Boy Racer' 350cc OHC 1950.


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