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Deltic Drone CD cover
Lineside recordings of Deltics (plus classes 37 and 20) heard on the main line. Also Deltics and classes 31, 20 and 08 on preserved railways.

Best heard in a quiet room (or on headphones) - but if you have a sub-woofer, you'll get your house bouncing!

State-of-the-art recording quality

Recorded during 2009 to 2017.

Running time 77 minutes

Highlights include:
** 55002 (on "The Deltic Aberdonian" railtour) heard north of York at day-break - an epic recording with the sound carrying for many miles (possibly the longest Deltic lineside recording ever made?).
** 2 Deltics pass at Arley (SVR).
** 20s battling up the Lickey.
** D9009 on ECML tours.


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Deltics and Co playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 1:

D9009 after passing Holme Fen.

Here is the full recording list:

Holme Fen (south of Peterborough)

1 At 2232hrs, but still not quite dark. D9009 passes (half an hour early) along the embankment, silhouetted against the clear sky on the return leg of "The Elizabethan" railtour, heading back to Kings Cross from Edinburgh. It roars into the distance and then eases off. A following EMU passes. The Deltic opens up (a motorbike is also heard) and eventually fades into the distance. 11th June 2013.

2 At 1855hrs (after sunset with clear skies), 37884 can be heard easing out of Conington loop in the distance, and thunders by, hauling empty EMU stock. An EMU passes southbound. 13th March 2016.

Lickey Incline. The "Dimple, Darley and Dale" railtour - 12th April 2015

3 The tour had arrived earlier at Bromsgrove behind a 37, with a pair of 20s at the rear. After detaching the 37, 20308/305 battle up the Lickey Incline during a gale, passing by at 1211hrs. 37610, running light, follows up, its driver playing to the gallery, as the gale strengthens. Rest assured, the "Dead Wombat" mic windshield copes well and you can hear everything.

Melton Mowbray - 27th April 2015

4 20107/096 depart the loop at Melton Mowbray with new LUL S stock, on the 7X09 Old Dalby to West Ruislip working. They pass through the station and over the cross-over before opening up. 20118/132 were dead at the rear. Church clock strikes 12.45pm.
20107/096 at Melton Mowbray, 2015

Quorn & Woodhouse, Great Central Railway

5a 55019 arrives, running on both engines, and stops under the bridge.
5b The mic is now at the opposite platform with the Deltic behind us, still shaking up the whole station! 55019 eases out gently heading north. 13th September 2009.

6 D9016, running on one engine, sweeps passed Quorn and Woodhouse at speed, on a TPO demonstration run. The foot-crossing gates are then unlocked. 29th March 2014.
D9016 on a TPO demo at Quorn, 2014

Great Ponton (south of Grantham)

7 55022 begins to ease off as it rushes by at 1727hrs, on the returning "York Flyer". 2nd June 2012.

Creeton (near Little Bytham) - 25th July 2012

8 As yellow-hammers call to each other, an HST passes on the up-fast as D9009 can be faintly heard approaching on the down-slow. Eventually the Deltic powers by while being over-taken by a class 91. Another class 91 heads downhill.
D9009 passes Creeton, 2012

Saxilby (at a small gated crossing) - 7th December 2012

9 We are sheltered from a strong north wind within a small wooded area. After nightfall, 55022 passes at 1622hrs on a returning tour for the Lindum Fayre, with 47851 dead-in-tow. The Deltic was running on 1 engine due to the low line speed limits.

Quorn & Woodhouse, Great Central Railway - 19th March 2017

10 Class 20, D8098 departs at 1254hrs, on a service to Leicester North.
D8098 at Quorn, 2017

11 On a northbound service, class 31 D5830 arrives and then makes a spirited departure, at 1403hrs, with 37714 idling at the rear.
D5830 at Quorn, 2017

Croft (near Narborough) - 4th July 2015

12 At 0811hrs, D9009 emerges from the morning mist and cruises by, on the "Torbay & Dart Explorer" railtour.
D9009 passes Croft, 2015

Marholm. The White Rose railtour - Tuesday 7th July 2015

13 During an awful morning, there is a respite in the weather just in time. After being held at Peterborough (fast-line), D9009 gathers speed and can be heard going through its field-divert stages as the engine note dips. The horns are sounded to p.w. staff and to photographers as "Alycidon" sweeps by at 0942hrs.
D9009 passes Marholm, 2015

Quorn & Woodhouse, Great Central Railway - 19th March 2017

14 A class 08 shuttle service arrives from Loughborough, at 1527hrs, headed by 08907/D3690 and tailed by 08694/480.

15 The 08 shuttle departs at 1537hrs back towards Loughborough.
08480 at Quorn, 2017

08907 at Quorn, 2017

55002 on "The Deltic Aberdonian" railtour, 12th April 2014.

16 Recorded at a remote spot between Overton and Shipton, about 4 miles north of York. At 0624hrs, the sun has just risen and the dawn-chorus is in full swing. Upwind of us, 55002 can be faintly heard setting off on time. The driver shuts off power briefly as the train crosses to the fast line at Skelton Junction. Its second field divert stage is heard before roaring by, some distance back from the mic. Now downwind of us, the droning lingers for a few minutes before becoming louder. The Deltic continues to roar away as a cyclist passes behind the mic. A class 91 service passes in hot pursuit, 6.5 minutes behind the Deltic, after which we can still faintly hear the droning. By the time it fades completely, the tour was probably over 12 miles away!
55002 north of York, 2014
55002 north of York, 2014

Arley (Severn Valley Railway) - 5th October 2013

17a As the light fades on a beautiful day, ducks are heard down at the river and bird-scarers fire off. The breeze carries the sound of D9009 approaching downhill from Highley. Then 55002 can also be heard approaching uphill from Bewdley. The two Deltic sounds mingle until 55002 arrives.
17b As 55002 idles (running on both engines), D9009 arrives.
D9009 and 55002 at Arley, 2013

18 D9009 departs Arley in the background, as 55002 sets off too. Interestingly, 55002's engines pick up in unison, just as Deltics used to do when built (pre ETH conversion). The wheels slip as it pulls away cautiously and then roars into the distance, eases off, then opens up again.
55002 departs Arley, 2013


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