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Diesel Generations CD cover

Classic diesel loco recordings, both main line and preserved railways plus some modern loco action.

State-of-the-art recording quality

Recorded during 2009 to 2014.

Running time 78 minutes

Classes 20, 31, 37, 47, 52, 56, 60, 66, 67, 70, and even a Windhoff maintenance machine, on the main line.

Classes 24, 27, 33, 45, 47 and 52 (also a Warship heard briefly) on preserved lines.

Highlights include:
** Western Champion heard approaching for over 4 minutes, as church bells ring out in the distance.
** A shiny new class 70 storms by on a freightliner.
** A class 56 tackles Stoke Bank at night hauling the railvac plus a dead class 31.
** Diesel action at the GCR and SVR galas.


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Diesel Generations playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 25:

D1705 passes Quorn.

Here is the full recording list:

Severn Valley Railway - 5th October 2013:
1 - a) D1062 on the 1347 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth arrives at Arley.
b) D1062 departs at 1434.
2 - D1062 on the 1030 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster passes Foley Park. (See front cover upper photo).

Western at Arley

8th March 2014:
3 - East Goscote: 37402/409 are heard accelerating from Syston Junction before passing at 0948 on a Pathfinder railtour (37218 dead at rear).
4 - Werrington Junction: At 1759, a 66 pulls away (steel train), as a 91 passes. 37402/409 storm by on the Stamford line (returning tour).

37s at East Goscote

Saxilby gated level crossing - 7th December 2012:
5 - With the surrounding trees sheltering us from strong winds, 67026 on a VSEO Pullman ECS, passes at 1608 returning from Doncaster to Lincoln, ready to take tour passengers home from the Lindum Fayre.

Roade cutting - 8th February 2014:
6 - At 0751, an unfamiliar sound is heard carried by the gales, as a class 70, number 70016, approaches and storms passed under a bridge (on the down slow working a Freightliner).
7 - 20303+20304 top n tail Pathfinder's "Buffer Puffer" tour to London, passing at 0802hrs, after calling at Northampton.

Top n tail 20s at Roade cutting

Marholm (north of Peterborough):
8 - 2nd August 2013: Southbound class 66 hauled freight passes and then 56302 accelerates north along the Stamford line passing at 2209hrs.
9 - 3rd August 2013: A 170 sprinter passes on the Stamford line, then 47832 (brown/cream livery)/47813 (DRS livery) accelerate north on the down fast on a Northern Belle at 0940hrs.

47 at Marholm

Leicester station (recorded from the car-park) - 4th April 2014:
10 - At 1830, 60007 pulls away from a signal at the north end of the goods line, hauling about 25 bogie tankers. An arriving 7 car Meridian tries but fails to drown out the class 60! An HST stands in platform 2.

60007 at Leicester

Leicester station - 22nd August 2013:
11 - At 1845hrs, 66716 hauling hoppers pauses for the driver to talk to someone. It stops short, pulls forwards, the driver has a chat and then departs along the up goods line.

66719 at Leicester

Lickey Incline, near Burcot - 26th March 2011:
12 - 66169 tackles the Lickey at 1051hrs, appearing out of the morning mist on a China clay working, banked by 66059.

66169 on the Lickey Incline with a 	China clay banked working
66059 banking China clay on the 	Lickey Incline

Cossington - 8th March 2014:
13 - a) A class 31 accelerates away in the distance from Syston Junction on the fast line in the small hours of the morning.
b) The class 31 passes at 0422hrs on a track test train, northwards.

Melton Mowbray station - 17th March 2014:
14 - A Windhoff OHL MPV DR98008 (overhead line maintenance machine) passes at 1200hrs, on its way from Rugby to Kings Cross.

Windhoff machine passing Melton 	Mowbray

Great Central Railway at Quorn & Woodhouse:
15 - 4-BIG unit no. 7059 departs southwards propelled by D6535, at 1041 - 13th September 2009.
16 - Green liveried class 101 DMU arrives, a late passenger sprints by and then the DMU departs at 1028hrs heading south - 26th April 2009.

4-BIG unit propelled by a class 33 	at Quorn
Class 101 DMU at Quorn

Marholm - 11th June 2013:
17 - 56311 hauling a refurbished (maroon) mark 1 carriage from Derby to Wembley, passes at 1915hrs and toots to photographers.

Duffield - 27th August 2012:
18 - 20308/312 pass at 0941 on a Pathfinder tour to York, "The York and Weardale Explorer". Recorded from a footbridge near a church.

Class 20 railtour passes 	Duffield

Just north of Little Bytham, near Creeton - 15th March 2014:
19 - After dark, a class 56 hauling the railvac plus a dead class 31, storms passed on the down-fast at 2117hrs. A class 158 then passes.

Great Central Railway at Quorn & Woodhouse - 29th March 2014:
20 - D5401 departs on the 1000hrs Loughborough-Rothley (D123 at rear).
21 - a) D123 on 1025hrs Rothley-Loughborough local arrives.
b) D123 departs at 1054 (D5401 at rear).
22 - a) D1705 on 1100 Loughborough-Rothley local arrives at 1119hrs.
b) D1705 departs at 1122hrs (D123 at rear).

GCR at a bridleway over-bridge south of Rothley - 29th March 2014:
23 - D5401 on the 1145 Loughborough-Leic. North passes underneath.

D5401 near Rothley

Great Central Railway at Quorn & Woodhouse - 29th March 2014:
24 - 45041 departs on the 1310hrs Loughborough-Leicester North.
25 - D1705 on a TPO demo run, passes rapidly southwards at 1527.
26 - 45041 departs on a revised Loughborough-Rothley local (D123 at rear) at 1635hrs. D5401 then departs in background.

D1705 on a TPO demo passing 	Quorn
45041 departs Quorn

Severn Valley Railway at Arley station - 5th October 2013:
27 - a) D821 approaches on the 1518 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster as 5081 approaches on 1523 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth. 5081 arrives first.
b) As 5081 idles, D821 arrives.
28 - 5081 (24081) departs at 1606hrs.

D821 arrives, passing 5081 at 	Arley
5081 about to depart Arley

Lickey Incline, near Burcot - 9th July 2011:
29 - A class 67 (unseen from the recording spot) passes on a tour at 2037.

Lickey Incline near Burcot - 9th June 2012:
30 - 37606/609 climb passed on the "3-2-C" Pathfinder's railtour, at 2133hrs, on a bright evening.

Leicester station - 22nd August 2013:
31 - a) A big turn out of enthusiasts greet D1015 "Western Champion" as it arrives at platform 2, on Vintage Trains' proving run/fish and chips special (Tyseley to Tyseley via Leicester and Burton) with a dead D1755 as back-up loco.
b) D1015's horn sounds to get passengers back onboard. A class 158 arrives from the north as the Western departs at 1918hrs.

D1015 at Leicester
D1015 at Leicester as an HST 	arrives
D1015 departs Leicester, August 	2013

Harbury - 9th February 2014:
32 - On a breezy Sunday morning, church-bells ring out from Harbury village. A faint humming in the distance is D1015 picking up speed after a stop at Leamington Spa. At 1026hrs (after a 4 minute approach sound) the Western charges passed under a bridge, hauling Vintage Trains' "Chiltern Champion" tour to London Marylebone. Sorry, no photos for this one, as I had to concentrate on getting a first class recording. It was windy, but you rarely notice on these recordings.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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