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Diesel Rumble CD cover

Classic diesel loco recordings, both main line and preserved railways.

State-of-the-art recording quality

Recorded during 2008 to 2012.

Running time 66 minutes

Classes 20, 31, 37, 40, 52, 56, 60 and a Hastings Unit on the main line

Classes 25, 27, 31, 33, 37, 45 and 55 on preserved lines

The ground-shaking quality can be appreciated when you play this on a good home stereo.

Highlights include:
** Two assaults on the Lickey by pairs of 37s (one at night) that probably registered on nearby richter scales!
** A Western on the Lickey.
** 20s at Stafford in the snow.
** A class 37 and a low flying Lancaster in the same recording... by pure chance!


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Diesel Rumble playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 11:

Class 20s arrive at Stafford.

Here is the full recording list:

Great Central Railway - 11th April 2008:
1 - Class 25 no. D5185 backs onto its train at Loughborough, pausing a few yards away and then buffering up and being hooked on. Recorded from onboard the leading carriage with the sound of steam from the heating (pre-heated train).
2 - *D5185 departs Loughborough at 1040.
3 - D5185 sets off from Quorn at 1047 as a heavy shower sweeps in.

Leicester on a bitterly cold and windy morning - 22nd March 2008:
4 - a) As the Duchess of Sutherland stands at the far side of the station (platform 4), 31190 + 31106 (top n tail) arrive with an engineers train at platform 2.
- b) 31190 + 31106 depart at 0916 as the steam engine whistles.

Class 31 at Leicester
Lickey Incline, near Burcot - 26th March 2011:
5 - A woodpecker hammers in the distance and distant peacocks can also be heard (along with other birdsong and sheep/lambs). 37685/676 (West Coast Railways maroon livery) + 57601 climb the Lickey on Spitfire Tours "Holy Oakes" to Holyhead, passing by at 0854 and shaking up the ground. A farmer's pick-up passes behind the mic. The 37s are then heard going into the distance, over the summit and beyond.. A woodpecker gives its laughter call.

Cossington (north of Syston Junction) - 12th April 2008:
6 - 40145 passes by northwards at 1902 on "The East Anglian" tour returning from Lowestoft to Birmingham.

Peak Rail - 10th May 2008:
7 - At Rowsley, a low flying Avro Lancaster approaches from behind the mic and swoops passed heading north-west, as 37152 departs at 1423. What are the odds of that happening?!
8 - *31270 idles as D9016 runs light passed my window at 1626, then 31270 departs Rowsley.

Great Central Railway:
9 - D5185 runs light through Rothley on Driver Experience duties. 11th April 2008.
10 - Class 33 no. D6535 departs Quorn southbound. 26th April 2009.

Class 3 at Quorn
Stafford station in wintry conditions - 7th February 2009:
11 - a) 20303/304 arrive at 0905 platform 6 from Birmingham International on the "Fellsman Chopper" railtour (Spitfire Tours). See front cover main photo.
Class 20s at Stafford
- b) 20303/304 make a storming start at 0917 for Carlisle, with 57601 at the rear, and open up again in the distance. The sound is carried by a north-westerly wind and can still be heard after the photographers have packed up and left. A Voyager passes southbound, and then 66954 passes platform 5 (behind mic) northbound on a Freightliner.

Great Central Railway - 26th April 2009:
12 - a) D123 + D1705 (top 'n' tail) arrive at Quorn.
- b) D123 + D1705 depart Quorn at 1123 northbound.
Class 45 D123 at Quorn
13 - At Rothley, D5401 + D6535 pull in up the gradient, as the train is announced. The mic is taken onboard the leading coach. We depart at 1237 for Loughborough.
14 - a) D123 arrives at Quorn, stopping under the bridge due to the length of its train.
- b) D123 then departs Quorn at 1259 northbound.

Great Central Railway - 13th September 2009:
15 - A 4-BIG EMU unit, 7059, departs Quorn for Rothley propelled by D6535, at 1550.

4-BIG unit at Quorn
Crewe - 4th May 2009:
16 - a) With drizzle falling, 56312/311 arrive at 0911, platform 6, from Huddersfield on the "Avon Grid" railtour (Retro railtours). See front cover inset photo.
- b) 56312/311 depart at 0919 for Bath, with 57311 at the rear, and turn off to the right towards Nantwich. The 56s open up in the distance as an aircraft passes over.

Class 56s at Crewe
Stafford - 19th June 2009:
17 - 60063 passes northbound along platform 5 on EWS hoppers, at 1018.
18 - a) Western D1015 arrives at platform 5 at 1039 on the "Western Chieftain" railtour.
- b) D1015 departs for Inverness at 1041.

Western at Stafford
Just south of Great Ponton - 6th March 2011:
19 - 20308/309 (+ 37667 dead at rear) thunder by at 1103 after calling at Grantham, heading for Norwich from Crewe on "The Norfolk Broadsman" tour.

Nottingham - 4th July 2009:
20 - a) Hastings class 201 unit, no. 1001, arrives at platform 6, ECS prior to starting the return leg of its railtour.
- b) The Hastings departs at 1652, on the "Midland Forester" tour returning to Hastings.

DEMU at Nottingham
Lickey Incline, Burcot - 20th March 2010:
21 - A rare visitor to the Lickey, as Western D1015 powers passed at 0711 bound for Buxton ("Western Rocks" railtour).

Cossington, north of Syston Junction - 12th December 2009:
22 - 56312 on the "Pye Bridge Pie Man" tour, accelerates after joining the Midland Main Line, heading for Toton, at 1126 on a bright and frosty morning.

Lickey Incline, Burcot, after nightfall - 24th March 2012:
23 - As a Voyager fades into the distance over the summit, 37603/606 follow up behind and tackle the climb with 13 coaches and a dead class 66. They pass at 2110hrs and then growl away into the distance the sound carried by a north-easterly breeze - until shutting off just passed the summit for a stop at Barnt Green. The train is Pathfinder Tours' "The Coal Grinder" returning from a tour of Welsh branches back to Crewe.

* denotes on-train recording.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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