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EE4 CD cover

English Electric 4-stroke diesel loco recordings, both main line and preserved railways.

State-of-the-art recording quality (plus 3 archive tracks from stereo cassette by Bob Mullins).

Recorded during 2008 to 2014 (except 3 archive recordings from the 1980s).

Running time 70 minutes

Classes 09, 20, 31, 37, 40 and 50 on the main line.

Classes 20, 31, 37, and 50 on preserved lines.

Highlights include:
** A lovely, long sequence of 4 class 20s at Melton Mowbray collecting new LUL stock from the Old Dalby test track.
** Nostalgic sounds of an 09 shunting back in 1983.
** Action from the GCR and SVR galas.
** 37s thrashing away on railtours including another assault on the Lickey.


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
EE4 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 1:

Here is the full recording list:

Melton Mowbray - 1st May 2013:

1) At 0853, rail staff awaiting the approaching train can be heard chatting. 20311/314 (with 20905/901 - in GBRf livery - at the rear) arrive from Peterborough with 2 barrier wagons, pausing half way along platform 2. They then draw forward (see front cover lower photo) to the platform end, pause, and accelerate westwards. They stop beyond the cross-over. 20311/314 then propel the train over the cross-over, through the station and into the loop.
20s arriving at Melton

2) At 0908, 20311/314 pull out of the loop and along platform 1, pause to pick someone up and then accelerate away, wrong line, for access to the Old Dalby test track.
20s at Melton heading for Old 	Dalby

3) At 1221hrs, 20901/905 return from Old Dalby with new S type London Underground stock. The driver nods approval to the sound recordist and then pauses the train in the station (platform 1) to drop someone off. Then the 20s blast out and into the loop (plenty of passengers getting deafened!). 20314/311 bring up at the rear.
20s at Melton

20s at Melton

4) At 1238, 20311/314 depart the loop and pass platform 1 westwards with 20905/901 at the rear, passing over the cross-over. A rear loco toots when clear of the junction and the front locos open up, and you can hear the ground signal. They were heading for West Ruislip.
20s with LUL stock at Melton

20s leaving Melton

Arley, Severn Valley Railway, Diesel Gala - 5th October 2013:

5) At 1511hrs, D8059 approaches in distance on the 1430 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, as 37109 approaches on the 1435 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth and then arrives.
37109 arrives at Arley
6) 37109 departs at 1519hrs.

Quorn & Woodhouse, Great Central Railway - 13th September 2009:

7a) 50007 arrives on a service from Loughborough.
b) 50007 is given the "right-away", but the whistle blows again to stop (50007 had only moved a few inches). The "right-away" is given again and the 50 departs at 1443hrs.
50007 at Quorn

Quorn & Woodhouse, Great Central Railway - 15th March 2008:

8) Class 31 no. D5830 (golden ochre livery) departs at 1224hrs towards Loughborough.

Birstall, Station Road bridge Great Central Railway - 26th April 2009:

9) 37314 departs Leicester North at 1650hrs.

Waterloo - 24th August 1985:

10) 50044 starts up. RJM.

Waterloo - 10th September 1988:

11) 50048 departs. RJM.

Clapham Junction - 29th December 1983:

12) 09014 shunts as an EMU passes. Then an unidentified class 50 storms by as the 09 continues its duties. RJM.

Foley Park, Severn Valley Railway, Diesel Gala - 5th October 2013:

13) D8059 in the distance, pulls away from a signal and arrives at Bewdley at 1146hrs (D9009 can be faintly heard idling in the station).

Quorn & Woodhouse, Great Central Railway - 29th March 2014:

14a) D8098 on the 0945 Loughborough-Leicester North, arrives...
b) ... and then departs at 0953.
D8098 at Quorn

15) 37198 (D8098 on rear) on the 1340hrs Loughborough-Leicester North, departs at 1504 (see front cover upper photo).

Quorn & Woodhouse, Great Central Railway - 5th May 2014:

16) At 1333hrs, D5830 runs light out of the head-shunt and accelerates north through the station.
D5830 light engine at Quorn

Foley Park, Severn Valley Railway, Diesel Gala - 5th October 2013:

17) 50031 on the 1118 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, accelerates in the distance from Bewdley, opening up again as it passes.
50031 passing Foley Park, SVR

Stafford -7th June 2014:

18a) 345 (40145) arrives at platform 1 (heard from platform 6) at 0906, on the CFPS tour "The East Lancs Stalwart", from ELR to Oxford.
345 arrives at Stafford

b) Recorded from platform 1, the class 40 idles.
345 stands at Stafford

19) At 0930hrs, 345 departs, with 57315 at the rear, and snakes its way over the cross-overs to access the Birmingham line.
345 departs Stafford

Church Stretton - 27th April 2013:

20) A cold northerly breeze carries the sound of 20312/308 approaching. As they get closer, the ground starts to vibrate before they finally pass by at 0942hrs (47802 idling at rear). The train is Retro Railtours "Retro Welsh Dragon" from Huddersfield to Swansea.
20312/308 pass Church Stretton

Just south-east of Rugby on road bridge (Nortoft Lane) near DIRFT (Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal) - 22nd February 2014:

21a) 37409 opens up in the distance near Rugby as it approaches.
b) 37409 coasts by under the bridge (37609 dead at rear) at 1204hrs stopping briefly at the signal for the terminal entrance. 37409 opens up and enters terminal, its sound echoing off terminal buildings. The train is Pathfinder's railtour "The Clay Box".
22) At 1229hrs, 37609 departs the terminal, easing over the cross-over before accelerating passed and under the bridge and into the distance (as 2 Pendolinos pass each other on the main line in the background). 37409 had been removed from the train.
37609 departs DIRFT on a railtour

Wing (at a track crossing east of Manton Junction) - 15th March 2014:

23) 31465 passes on engineer's track test train (Peterborough to Derby) at 0846hrs.

Werrington - 31st August 2013:

24) A Grand Central HST passes by southbound at 2006hrs. The "Retro Fenland Explorer" (by Retro Tours, returning from Great Yarmouth to Crewe) hauled by 37423/605 passes on the down fast at 2007hrs. 47501 was dead at rear. The 37s can be heard charging way into the distance, with the faint sounds of combined-harvesters hard at work in the background. You can also hear crickets in the long grass.

Lickey Incline near Burcot - 14th August 2013:

25) With the morning sun shining, and field mist gradually disappearing, a peacock calls out in the distance. "The Pennine & North Eastern Express" (by Compass Tours) is heard approaching before it has even passed Bromsgrove (the southerly wind carrying the sound). After a sprinter descends the hill, 37607/605 shake up the ground and storm passed at 0719hrs with a rake of red air-con mk.II coaches, travelling from Worcester to Durham.

Tracks 10, 11 and 12 (marked "RJM") are by Bob Mullins.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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