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Merlins & Bristols CD cover
Recordings of classic Merlin and Bristol engined aircraft: P51 Mustangs, Spitfires, Hurricane, Lancasters, Hispano Buchon, Blenheim and Vulcan. Plus some great bonus aircraft: B-25, Meteor, Canberra, DH89 and YAK 3M.

Best heard in a quiet room with big speakers (or with a sub-woofer).

State-of-the-art recording quality

Recorded during 2012 to 2015.

Running time 80 minutes

Highlights include:
** Vulcan's mini-display at Cottesmore, not at an airshow, and so there is no background noise.
** 2 Lancasters fly passed.
** Rare Bristol Blenheim sounds.
** Lots of P51 Mustang action.


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Merlins and Bristols playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 18:

YAK 3M and Hispano HA-1112 M1L Buchon (Merlin engined) take off.

Here is the full recording list:

Recordings from the Cosby Victory Show, 2015.

1 P-51D Mustang "Marinell" starts up and idles as a Spitfire displays in the background. Mustang "Janie" then fires up and the two Mustangs taxi ready for take-off.
Mustangs at Cosby 2015

2 P-51D Mustang "Marinell" takes off.
Mustang at Cosby 2015

3 A B-25 Mitchell and the two above mentioned Mustangs fly passed in formation.
B-25 and Mustangs at Cosby 2015

4 The B-25 performs part of its display.
5 A rare audio treat is the smooth sound of a Bristol Blenheim during its display.
Bristol Blenheim at Cosby 2015

6 The Blenheim takes off for home.
7 Britain's earliest jet-fighter, the Gloster Meteor, puts on a fine display.
Gloster Meteor at Cosby 2015

8 The Meteor passes, then a Spitfire and Seafire take off.
Seafire at Cosby 2015

9 A display by a Seafire and Spitfire, initially in formation, edited down from a longer recording.
Seafire and Spitfire at Cosby 2015

Coventry Airbase, 2012.

10 A DH89 Dragon Rapide is idling on one engine. Its second engine splutters into life and settles down. This was a few minutes prior to giving some pleasure flights.

Sywell Airshow, 2014.

11 Prior to the airshow at Sywell, a pair of P-51 Mustangs arrive and land.
12 An English Electric Canberra makes an impressive racket, displaying at Sywell.
EE Canberra at Sywell 2014

13 The Mustangs put on their display at Sywell (during high winds that you can hear blowing through the trees) heard initially in formation.
14 A Spitfire takes off in the distance and puts on its display.
15 The Spitfire continues its display.
16 Strong winds carry the sound of a Spitfire taking off, some distance away.

Cosby Victory Show, 2015.

17 A YAK 3M and Hispano HA-1112 M1L Buchon (Merlin engined), taxi prior to take-off, as some fire-arms are given a test-fire.
18 The Yak and Buchon take off as a mock battle commences and the Buchon flies over the battlefield.

Bruntingthorpe, 2015.

19 On its farewell tour of the southern UK, the Vulcan circles Bruntingthorpe and then climbs away for the last time.

Cosby Victory Shows.

20 A Seafire and Spitfire taxi after landing, 2015.
21 A Spitfire takes off, 2014.
22 The somewhat quieter Hurricane, takes off from Cosby, 2015.

23 A Hurricane and Spitfire perform part of their display, 2014 (edited down from a longer recording).

Collingham Show (a country/farm show near Newark), 20th September 2014.

24 A visiting Canadian Lancaster and the BBMF Lancaster make a rare sound as they rumble passed in formation. Sounds from the show can be heard faintly at the end. The Lancasters had had to cancel some shows due to weather and engine failure, but it was worth persevering to get this recording.
2 Lancasters pass Collingham, 2014

RAF Cottesmore, Rutland, 25th September 2014.

25 This was during a tour of airbases by Vulcan XH558. In almost perfect silence, the Vulcan approaches at an angle to the runway straight towards the mic, swoops by low, but gently. It turns left, then climbs turning right giving us a blast of the exhausts. Almost disappearing away to the west, the Vulcan circles around and approaches quietly and low, before giving us the full howl, a steep climb, with the characteristic roll-turn (left) and climbs away to the north. The silence returns.
Vulcan at RAF Cottesmore, 2014
Vulcan at RAF Cottesmore, 2014
Vulcan at RAF Cottesmore, 2014


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