Roaring 55s - Deltic locos on double audio CD

Roaring 55s

double audio CD

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Roaring 55s CD cover
Deltic recording highlights from 14 of my other albums.

A chance to hear the most impressive Deltic recordings made over many years, all crammed into a double album.

Some recordings are extended full length versions of those previously published. Most recordings have been re-mastered to bring out the best quality for this release.

Recorded during 1981 to 2014.

Some early tracks are digitally processed mono archive recordings (added pseudo-stereo effect).
The remainder are in stereo.

Running time 157 minutes

Highlights include... well, they are all highlights, but recordings of note include:

** Full length (almost 15 minutes) version of an on-train departure from Euston in 1997, with D9000 hauling 13 coaches. We got signal-checked, which created a more impressive audio recording.
** Full length version of a rear cab ride in D9000 on a Virgin service train, when it almost over-loaded on a rapid standing start from Birmingham International in 1999.
** The haunting sound of 55019 approaching in the night at Burton Coggles with a 14 coach train.
** On-train with D9000 on an Anglia service train in 2002, storming away from Ipswich through a tunnel. This is the full length version. Recording equipment overloaded on this one, but I think you'll agree it is worth hearing.
** In D9000's engine room between the 2 power-units, during a Virgin service train working in 1999.
** An epic 13.5 minutes lineside recording at day-break, as 55002 made its main line return, heard near York, in 2014.


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Roaring55s playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 12, disc 1:

D9000 on-train departing Euston entering tunnel.

Here is the full recording list:

Disc 1

24th July 1981:
1 - On-train. A very shabby 55022 on the 1403 Kings Cross to Newcastle sets off from Peterborough a few minutes late - the driver determined to make up time. (Processed mono recording with added stereo effect).
2 - 55022 pulls away very quickly from Retford and roars into the distance. (Processed mono recording with added stereo effect).

3 - Grantham. 55021 tears through on a service from Newcastle. 25th July 1981. (Processed mono recording with added stereo effect).
4 - On-train. 55015 passes through Stoke Tunnel southbound. 27th July 1981. (Processed mono recording with added stereo effect).
5 - Huntingdon 12th September 1981. 55016 arrives and then departs swiftly at 1315 for Kings Cross (from Bridlington). (Processed mono recording with added stereo effect).

Nene Valley Railway, 14th June 1987:
6 - On-train. 55016 gets under way at 1713 from Peterborough NVR. It is raining heavily and the train handbrake is apparently reluctant to release. The wheels slip a few times, but acceleration is still very quick. (Processed mono recording with added stereo effect).

Midland Railway Centre, 25th June 1989:
7 - After having one pair of traction-motors isolated, 55002 pulls out of Butterley towards Swanwick, but is still having difficulties with faulty wheel-slip detection (during its first outing from the NRM).

Great Central Railway, 1st April 1995:
D9019 at Leicester North, 1995.
8a - D9019 departs Leicester North at 1808 - its 2nd engine erupting some distance away.
8b - D9019 opens up again about a minute later.

9 - On-train. East Lancs Railway, 9th July 1997. 55002 departs Summerseat, opens up in the tunnel, and gets some wheel-slip.

Great Central Railway, 21st May 1995
D9019 at Quorn and Woodhouse, 1995.
10 - Some road traffic is heard on the bridge at Quorn, as D9019 returning north passes through the station and erupts from under the bridge.

"The Deltic Reunion" 2nd January 1997
11a - D9000 stands silently on the turntable in York NRM's Great Hall at around 1720. They wouldn't start it up in here would they? Oh yes they would!
11b - D9000 runs out of the museum into the darkness.

"The Cross Country Deltic" 13th April 1997:
12 - On-train. D9000 departs Euston at 1145 with a 13 coach train. Then signals slow progress - the gradient almost bringing the train to a halt short of a red signal. RSG heaves the train forward, the signal changes to yellow, and once over the summit coasts until the next signal is sighted at green. The Deltic then accelerates through the tunnels, eases off briefly and then builds up speed. This is the full length version, almost 15 minutes long.

D9000 at Bristol T. M. 1997.
13 - At Bristol Temple Meads, D9000 is started up at 1633 in readiness for the journey to Paddington.

D9000 passes Huntingdon, 1997.
14 - Huntingdon. The "Deltic Scotsman" railtour hurtles through Huntingdon at 0757, in bright sunshine, on its way to Edinburgh. 6th September 1997.

15 - On-train. Trans-Pennine Deltic DPS railtour, with D9000 18th October 1997. We approach and enter the 3 mile long Standedge Tunnel at full power. Power is shut off and brakes applied for the speed limit.

D9000 departs Stafford, 1997.
16a - The day after gaining its 100mph certificate, D9000 calls at Stafford on Virgin Trains 0910 from Edinburgh (Deltic as far as Birmingham NS).
16b - Driver Alan Bun-Clark makes a vigorous departure at 1306, watched by old and young enthusiasts - there were plenty of raised eye-brows! 15th November 1997.

17 - On-train. Milton Keynes. After a signal check at 0815hrs, D9000 s driver opens up fully within the station confines, leaving one very startled gentlemen seated in the station with eyes bulging and chin almost on the platform! Virgin Trains' service to Ramsgate, 27th June 1998.

18a - Birmingham New Street after arrival from Ramsgate. D9000 uncouples and then moves a few feet, and stops while the driver jumps out briefly.
18b - D9000 then nearly over-loads the recording equipment blasting light down to the platform end. The Deltic pauses to pick up one of the assistant engineers and then moves off swiftly. Photographers walk back up the platform. 1st August 1998.

In D9000's cab at Coventry, 1998.
19 - In D9000 s front cab at Coventry on one of the 1998 Ramsgate-BNS runs. The sound recordist had advised the driver that if the final field-divert stage can be reached in about 3 minutes, then he is doing well. With only 7 minutes left to do the 10 miles to the next stop at Birmingham International, driver Mark Sommers gets our train under way pretty swiftly. The ammeter needle is kept at around the 2000 mark until full power is reached. The driver induces a field-divert manually by easing off slightly. An EMU pulling out of Canley exchanges greetings with the Deltic - speed is now approx. 60mph. The side window is closed to keep out the draft. The final field-divert is brought in at a little over 80mph. We pass through the short Beechwood Tunnel. An actual speed of 102mph is reached before power is reduced.

20 - On-train. D9000 accelerates from a signal-check somewhere between Blackburn and Preston. The sound of the jointed rails gives some idea of our high speed. We were on a Virgin Trains service diverted from the WCML (27th February 1999).

21 - On-train. After being held outside Birmingham N.S., D9000 pulls away through the tunnel. As we emerge into the station, our driver plays to the crowd and opens up almost fully just for a moment and then eases into platform 6 at 1643. (19th June 1999).

22a - In D9000's engine room taking the mic passed the rear engine before settling between the 2 power-units with the nearby side windows open. We depart Banbury.
22b - 2nd field-divert kicks in and then we ease off.
22c - More acceleration.
22d - A brief burst of power. 7th August 1999.

9016's main line debut tour , the Napier Navigator - 6th April 2002:
9016 at York, 2002.
23a - After uncoupling at York, 9016 moves up to the signal at the end of platform 10.
23b - 9016 runs light out of the north end of the station.

Disc 2

1 - Heard from the rear driver's seat (window open). Alan Bun-Clark makes a storming departure from Birmingham International heading into Birmingham. The ammeter surges passed 2300 amps (overload would be at 2400), leaving an anxious looking Chris Wayman chewing on his gloves! 0 to 60 mph is achieved in 108 seconds. Alan induces the field-diverts by easing off slightly at 42 and 65mph. This is the full length version. 7th August 1999.

2 - Regency Rail's "Monarch of the Glen" tour returning from Fort William. 5th March 2000. 1520hrs at Glen Douglas, it is raining (previously snowing). 55019 has to contend with a 1 in 57 gradient, 11 coach load, very tight curves and slippery rails. It passes by on a little less than full power and the wheels slip briefly. In a superb display of skill, the driver progressively builds up power. As no.19 roars away through the rocky cutting, the deep humming of the rear engine can be heard as it starts to pick up. The wheels slip once more, but power is gradually built up again until both engines are wide open just before disappearing over the summit as a car passes by. Machine gun fire is heard in the distance - a good time to leave I think!

3 - A 14 coach football special from Kings Cross to Newcastle, 9th April 2000. Night time at Burton Coggles. It is a beautiful misty moonlit night - mist lit up by signals. An owl hoots. At 2116 the haunting drone of a Deltic can be heard - about 8 miles away. A Sprinter sounds its horns as it emerges from Stoke Tunnel and passes as 55019 becomes louder. It finally passes at 2122 and roars away to Stoke Tunnel.

55019 climbs Shap, 2000.
4 - Near the summit at Shap, recorded high up on a footbridge, Deltic 19 battles up the gradient before passing directly under the microphone at 1334 on its way to Edinburgh from Manchester. (12th August 2000).

D9000 at Leicester, 2000.
5 - After a lengthy delay, D9000 departs Leicester on its way to Lincoln on a Fragonset railtour at 1128. The thrust from the leading engine's exhaust blasts a large quantity of loose rust from Swain Street bridge! (9th December 2000).

9016 passes Nuneaton, 2002.
6 - 9016 hurtles through Nuneaton southwards at 1031 during one of its main line test runs. A startled business-woman moved quickly away from the platform edge! (28th March 2002).

Anglia service from Norwich to Liverpool St. (normally class 86 hauled), 11th August 2002:
7 - On-train. D9000 departs Ipswich at 1455, and driver Nigel Hutchison gives us a great blast inside the tunnel, as the revs of the trailing power unit rise and fall. This is the full length version (apologies for some overload distortion near beginning and in tunnel - it was loud!).
8 - On-train. D9000 makes a lively departure from Colchester at 1513hrs, southbound.

9 - This recording at Little Bytham is a small insight into an interesting scenario. D9009 was on a railtour from Ashford to York and had called at Peterborough. Also at Peterborough was another railtour running late, hauled by 67006. The 67 was let out first and on the fast line, then the Deltic set off on the slow line, with the added setback of the 25mph restriction at Helpston Junction. With the sound of a cuckoo in the background and large drops of rain falling, D9009 can be heard approaching on the down-slow. The sound of the 67 then mingles with it before tearing passed on the down-fast. A light GBRf 66 then passes by on the up-slow, before the mighty Deltic roars passed, evidently catching up! Notice that cuckoos go quiet for a passing Deltic. 17th May 2003.

10 - The Autumn Highlander railtour is heard heading back to London at dusk. Deltic 55022 double-heads with 50049. The deep throbbing of the 50 s V16 engine contrasts with the high revving drone of the Deltic s twin Napier engines. 40145 is dead at the rear of the train. The location is Holme Fen, a few miles south of Peterborough. (8th October 2007).

Burton Coggles - 12th June 2010:
11 - A beautiful bright June evening, with birdsong audible and hares running around the field (not audible). 55022 can be heard some distance away. Although delayed, and running slow-line, full power was maintained, hauling 12 coaches plus 57601. This sound is briefly interrupted by a southbound class 180, and then the Deltic drone goes on, and it powers by at 1950hrs. The tour, Capital Deltic , was returning to Preston from Oxford. SOTA

Caldecote (Warwickshire) - 6th March 2011:
55022 near Nuneaton, 2011.
12a - 55022 idles in Nuneaton station over 2 miles away. SOTA
12b - 55022 sounds its horns. A northbound Pendolino sounds its horns as it over-takes the Deltic and then passes by. 55022 builds up to full power and passes at 1503 on its way to Euston, on the return positioning tour following yesterday s outing. It s then heard downwind, the note dipping twice before the field divert holds. SOTA

Holme Fen (south of Peterborough):
13 - At 2232hrs, but still not quite dark. D9009 passes (half an hour early) along the embankment, silhouetted against the clear sky on the return leg of "The Elizabethan" railtour, heading back to Kings Cross from Edinburgh. It roars into the distance and then eases off. 11th June 2013. SOTA

Arley (Severn Valley Railway) - 5th October 2013
D9009 passes 55002 at Arley, 2013.
14a - As the light fades on a beautiful day, ducks are heard down at the river and bird-scarers fire off. The breeze carries the sound of D9009 approaching downhill from Highley. Then 55002 can also be heard approaching uphill from Bewdley. The two Deltic sounds mingle until 55002 arrives. SOTA
14b - As 55002 idles (running on both engines), D9009 arrives. SOTA
15 - D9009 departs Arley in the background, as 55002 sets off too. Interestingly, 55002's engines pick up in unison, just as Deltics used to do (pre ETH conversion). Wheels slip as it pulls away cautiously and then roars into the distance. SOTA

55002 s main line return, on "The Deltic Aberdonian" railtour, 12th April 2014.
55002 north of York, 2014.
16 - Recorded at a remote spot between Overton and Shipton, about 4 miles north of York. At 0624hrs, the sun has just risen and the dawn-chorus is in full swing. Upwind of us, 55002 can be faintly heard setting off on time. The driver shuts off power briefly as the train crosses to the fast line at Skelton Junction. Its second field divert stage is heard before roaring by, some distance back from the mic. Now downwind of us, the droning lingers for a few minutes before becoming louder. The Deltic continues to roar away as a cyclist passes behind the mic. A class 91 service passes in hot pursuit, 6.5 minutes behind the Deltic, after which we can still faintly hear the droning. By the time it fades completely, the tour was probably over 12 miles away! SOTA

9016 on its first railtour after returning to the main line - 6th April 2002:
17 - Back at Crewe after the tour had finished. At 2310hrs as a class 37 stands in the background, Deltic 16 propels the empty coaching stock out of platform 12 with one final roar.

SOTA denotes state-of-the-art solid-state recording for amazing audio quality.


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