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Super Heated CD cover

Classic steam engine recordings, both on the main line and the preserved Great Central Railway.

State-of-the-art recording quality except tracks 1, 3 and 6 made on digital mini-disc.

Recorded during 2000 to 2014.

Running time 70 minutes

Featuring "Duchess of Sutherland", "Oliver Cromwell", "Tornado", "Sir Lamiel", "Union of South Africa", "Princess Elizabeth", "Tangmere", classes V2, 8F, 9F, and more.

Locations include Leicester, Duffield, Burton Coggles, Lickey Incline and the Great Central Railway.

Highlights include:
** "Princess Elizabeth" storming the Lickey Incline, banked by 9600 and 7752.
** 9F accelerating out of Quorn and Woodhouse.
** A Castle class blasts out of Leicester (see CD cover photo).


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Super Heated playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 23:

"Sir Lamiel" at Quorn.

70013 at Quorn

Here is the full recording list:

Leicester - 23rd March 2002:
1 - 60009 Union of South Africa sounds its chime-whistle, and departs northwards from platform 1, at 1158hrs, on a railtour.

92214 at Quorn

Great Central Railway:
2 - (ed) 92214 arrives and then makes a storming departure from Quorn & Woodhouse, southbound, at 1440, 5th May 2014.
3 - The distinctive rhythm of V2 class no. 60800 Green Arrow , as it departs Rothley towards Leicester North, during the summer of 2000.

4 - (ed) Announcement for a railtour as a helicopter passes over. 5029 "Nunney Castle" arrives at 1939hrs (platform 2), on a test train/circular tour (fish & chips special) from Tyseley to Tyseley via Burton (run by "Vintage Trains"). 25th June 2013.
5 - 5029 whistles and departs at 1949hrs. Power is eased off ready for a water stop at Humberstone Road loop. 25th June 2013.
6 - 6233 Duchess of Sutherland makes a storming departure, running somewhat late, setting off on a railtour to York, at 0917hrs. Class 57 diesel no.57601 idles at the rear providing electric train supply. As 6233 powers into the distance, water rains down onto the gathered photographers (and recordist!). 4th October 2004.

6233 at Leicester

Great Central Railway at a bridleway bridge south of Rothley 12th April 2008:
7 - 48308 departs Rothley in the distance at 1951hrs to a background of spring bird-song, as the sun sets. As 48308 approaches in the cutting, there is a glow of sparks from under the firebox before it passes underneath on its way to Leicester North.

Great Central Railway at Quorn & Woodhouse - 31st July 2010:
8 - (ed) 48305 arrives at 1323hrs and departs on a southbound service.

48305 at Quorn

Cossington (north of Syston Junction) - 7th May 2011:
9 - With rain falling, 70013 Oliver Cromwell can be faintly heard accelerating away from Syston Junction along the slow line. The sound is briefly interrupted by a northbound sprinter on the main line and then an airliner rumbling passed. Finally, the railtour ("The Yorkshireman", on its way to York) passes by just after 0840hrs.

Great Central Railway - 5th May 2014:
70013 at Quorn
10* - On-train behind 70013, departing Quorn and Woodhouse, northbound, at 1622hrs.
11 - (ed) 70013 arrives and departs Quorn at 1407hrs heading north.

South of Wing Tunnel, Rutland, on the Corby goods line - 15th March 2014:
12 - A pair of Black 5s pass by, almost at the summit, at 1001hrs, on a railtour to Buxton.

Cossington (north of Syston) - 14th April 2013:
13 - 34067 "Tangmere" passes north on the slow line on "The Peak Forester" railtour from Kings Cross to Rowsley, at 1245hrs. Weather conditions were very windy (blustery gale from the west). Tour run by the Railway Touring Company.

Leicester station - 4th April 2014:
14 - At 1857, an HST stands at platform 3 on a St. Pancras service, as 5043 "Earl of Mount Edgcumbe" arrives on Vintage Trains' railtour "The Spaghetti Western" (but carrying the headboard "The Italian Job").
15 - a) 5043 whistles to get passengers back onboard the railtour.
b) 5043 whistles and departs on its Tyseley to Tyseley (via Burton) railtour, at 1906hrs, creating a wonderful racket as it passes under Swain Street bridge (see front cover photo).

Melton Mowbray - 1st December 2013:
16 - a) 2 Pannier Tanks, GWR 57xx Class 0-6-0T no. 7752 and GWR 8750 Class 0-6-0 no. 9600 (maroon London Transport livery) arrive with the empty stock for the Melton Christmas Fayre railtour, at 1648hrs.
b) 7752/9600 depart at 1700hrs for Tyseley (a "Vintage Trains" tour).

Burton Coggles - 12th April 2014:
17 - 60163 "Tornado" passes with a 14 coach railtour ("The White Rose") from Kings Cross to York, at 1101hrs. A Grand Central HST coasts by southbound.

60163 at Burton Coggles

Duffield, by Parish Church to the south of the town - 19th April 2014:
18 - a) "Duchess of Sutherland" accelerates away from Derby in the distance, on a Leicester to Newcastle tour, "The North Eastern" (PMR Tours).
b) Having eased off slightly, the tour passes by at 0735hrs.

Great Central Railway:
92214 at Quorn
19 - 78019 departs Quorn & Woodhouse at 1121hrs on a service for Loughborough Central. 15th March 2008.
20* - 9F no. 92214 departs Loughborough Central on the 1215 to Leicester North. 5th May 2014.
21 - (ed) 92214 arrives and then departs Quorn & Woodhouse at 1324hrs bound for Loughborough Central. 5th May 2014.
22 - a) 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" arrives at Quorn & Woodhouse
b) 70013 departs Quorn & Woodhouse at 1311hrs on a service for Leicester North, with a southerly breeze carrying the sound. The signalbox door was open, so you can hear activity inside. 5th May 2014.
70013 at Quorn

23 - 777 Sir Lamiel departs Quorn & Woodhouse southbound at 1610hrs. As it opens up in the distance, its sound echoes from the signal box and various carriages. 5th May 2014.

Lickey Incline near Burcot - 24th March 2012:
24 - 7752/9600 Pannier Tank banking engines run light downhill at 1623hrs.
25 - Whistles sound in the distance as 46201, banked by 9600/7752, pull away from Bromsgrove and tackle the 1 in 37 gradient on Vintage Trains Limited "The Double Lickey Banker", from Bristol to Solihull. Spring birdsong, lambs and a distance peacock, add to the atmosphere. A sprinter coasts by down the hill. The tour blasts by at 1712hrs, with Princess Elizabeth working hard making an unbelievably loud racket, quickly replaced by the banking engines trying hard to keep up! In summer-like conditions, the sound carries beautifully. You can hear the leading loco accelerate as it passes over the summit. I couldn't get any photos, because I concentrated on getting the best recording possible.

5043 at Leicester

* denotes on-train recording.

(ed) denotes recording edited down from a lengthy original.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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