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V for Valenta CD cover

HST sound recordings before they were re-engined.

Produced from hi-fi stereo tape and digital mini-disc original recordings Recorded during 1989 to 2007.

Running time 63 minutes

HSTs with their original screaming Valenta engines.

Breath-taking high-speed run-pasts, long approaches in the night, and station departures. On the ECML, WCML, and in and around Leicester, plus other locations.

A couple of welcome interlopers into these recordings are preserved 40145 and a class 86.


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
V for Valenta playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 19:

43065/155 depart Crewe.

Here is the full recording list:

Kilby Bridge, Leicestershire:
1 - An HST sounds a warning to a farm crossing and passes by, picking up speed from a stop at Leicester, bound for St. Pancras. 31-3-89.
2 - With the sun setting behind it, another up service shoots by. 14-4-89.

3 - At Coventry, 43157/156 depart for Edinburgh on a Virgin working, at 1528 (15 minutes down on schedule). 25-7-98.
4 - Dusk at Grantham. Announcements warn of a southbound HST s approach, and a GNER service passes at close quarters. 2-3-97.
5 - Twilight at Pilmoor. A diversion had sent services via Stockton-on-Tees, and then slow-line through Thirsk. Picking up speed after rejoining the up-fast, 43061/057 are heard approaching and then sweep passed at 1852hrs. 29-3-97.
6 - On a small bridge at Waltham St. Lawrence. At 1023hrs, a westbound HST passes underneath, the updraft hitting the mic hard. 5-5-97.
7 - Lickey Incline. 43067/088 on a Virgin service approach the summit, sounding warnings to photographers awaiting a Deltic tour. 30-8-97.
8 - a) Leicester. 43050 rattles as it idles.
- b) 43050/049 depart Leicester at 2015 on a down service. 6-11-95.
9 - A winter s night at Newton Harcourt, Leicestershire. A down service is heard approaching (the sound fading momentarily as it passes under each bridge) before it passes directly underneath the mic at around 2010hrs, and away into the distance. 10-2-98.
10 - After dark at Brinklow, between Rugby and Nuneaton. A northbound HST passes by alongside the canal, at 1824hrs. 13-2-98.
11 - Kilby Bridge. 43058/044 on a morning MML up service. 15-8-98.

Leicester, 4-3-99:
12 - A re-engined 43059 contrasts with Valenta engined 43046 bringing up the rear, as they depart for Nottingham at 1950, 46 minutes late.
13 - 43083/045 depart for Leeds at 1954, 42 minutes late. All MML services were in chaos that night.

14 - Crewe. As 47843 idles, 43096/166 depart southwards at about 1550hrs. 24-4-99.
15 - Kilby Bridge. 43044/055 pass by at 1038 on an up service. 10-7-99.
16 - Newark Northgate. A Kings Cross bound GNER HST tears through around midday. 18-12-99.
17 - Peterborough. 43038/039 depart platform 4 heard from platform 3, at around 1250hrs, heading north. 22-5-99.
18 - Leicester. 43066/055 arrive on a Sheffield service. Someone is dropped off from the front cab, and is heard chatting with the driver ( hundred mile an hour. Off you go ) before shutting the cab door. Departure is at 0941. 12-2-00.
19 - a) Crewe. 66139 revs up as 43065/155 stand in the background.
- b) 43065/155 give a blast of acceleration before shutting off for the restriction south of the station, at 0823, on a Virgin service. 18-3-00.
20 - Burton Coggles on a moonlit night. A GNER HST is heard a few miles away tackling Stoke Bank. Its sound fades and a southbound class 91 heads passed, the blue sparks lighting up the mist long after the train disappears from view. The HST is heard again, passes (at around 2105hrs) and powers into the distance. As it fades away, a class 86 on a football special passes on the down-slow, with showers of sparks from the pantograph that can be heard crackling. 9-4-00.
21 - Near Shap Summit, heard from a footbridge high above the line, on a dismal, drizzly afternoon. An HST opens up as it passes under the mic, and begins its descent of the south side of Shap. 12-8-00.
22 - Near Welton, south of Rugby on a summer evening. A northbound HST is silhouetted against the clear sky as it travels along the embankment at dusk. A light class 92 then passes south. 21-8-00.
23 - Grantham. Deltic 55019 stands in the station awaiting departure on a Northern Belle Pullman. An HST booked to over-take is slightly late and its driver seems keen to make up time. 43xxx/096 rocket passed, sounding warnings (or greetings?) at 1658. 7-9-00.
24 - Leicester. An HST departs for Nottingham at around 1045hrs, the front power car getting a bit of wheel-slip after passing by. 9-12-00.
25 - Alexandra Palace. 43109/xxx recovers from a pws. Water can be heard cascading following a heavy shower. 28-4-01.
26 - Hadley Wood. A northbound HST is heard approaching in the distance. Its sound fades as it passes through the short tunnel, and then tears through at around 1400hrs. 28-4-01.

Leicester, 7-3-02:
27 - Emergency service sirens sound as 43082/051 arrive on a down service. The rear power-car s fan can be heard whining briefly. 43082/051 then depart at 1915.
28 - 43055/044 depart northwards at 1924hrs.

Loughborough, 7-9-02:
29 - A northbound HST sounds warnings and cruises through at around 100mph in the early evening. A steam whistle is heard from Loughborough Central.
30 - a) The rear power car of an up service is heard idling, and its cooling fan switches on for about a minute.
- b) The above HST begins to pull away under the power of the leading unit, before the rear one revs up too.

31 - South of Newton Harcourt, Leicestershire, heard from the canal. At dusk on a fine spring evening, an HST on a down service is heard revving briefly, and then opening up and sweeping passed. This was just after 1900hrs, the HST being stuck behind a class 47 hauled service train. 27-3-02.
32 - North of Little Bytham on a cold and blustery afternoon. An HST flashes passed, its sound interrupted by a southbound class 91. The HST is heard climbing up towards Stoke Summit, the sound carried by the wind. As it fades, a tractor is heard on a nearby road, and the throbbing of an approaching class 40, 40145 on the down slow. This was a CFPS railtour, and is heard going into the distance. 21-1-05.
33 - North of Tallington on a cold night with the moon glowing through the clouds. A southbound HST eases off as it approaches but opens up and flashes passed. 22-1-05.

Holme Fen, south of Peterborough, 8-10-07:
34 - A jet fighter heads west, as an HST approaches from the north and passes by, as the evening light fades.
35 - A few minutes later, another HST heads south.

36 - Grantham. 43096/117 depart southwards just after midday. 26-2-00.
37 - Huntingdon after dark. The low pitched sound of an approaching HST is heard, carried by a light breeze, before it blasts by at full operational speed on a down service. 26-2-00.

* denotes on-train recording.


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