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Vintage Whine CD cover

Stereo recordings of classic diesels (and some whining electrics) during 1996 to 2005.

Classes 31, 33, 37, 40, 46, 47, 55, 58, 60, 66, 67, 87, HST (and bubble-car!) on the main line.
Classes 17, 20, 24, 35, 42, 52, 55 and 56 on preserved lines.

Reproduced from digital mini-disc original recordings and some hi-fi stereo cassette-tapes.

Running time 80 minutes

Highlights include:
*** 55002 on the East Lancs.
*** Hymek on the Great Central.
*** Busy action at Crewe with 37s and 47s.
*** Final Travelling Post Office at Derby, 2004 (class 67).
*** Class 87 "starts up" only to find its horn is stuck on!
*** Horns echoing in the night at Tallington - "bubble-car", class 66 and class 40.


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Vintage Whine playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 11:

37418 departs Crewe and 92001 runs light.

Here is the full recording list:

1 37509 thunders through Stafford on an EWS working shortly after 1300hrs, heading south. 15th November 1997.

East Lancs Railway - 8th June 1996
2* 55002 departs Ramsbottom towards Rawtenstall (running on both engines and getting a bit of wheel-slip), at 1626hrs.
3* 55002 (on 1 engine) makes a lively arrival at Bury at 1754, as a class 33 toots.

Great Central Railway - 30th March 1996
4 Warship/Hymek 832/D7076 are uncoupled from a train at Loughborough.
5 D7076/832 (with the Hymek doing all the work) emerge from under a bridge as they depart Leicester North, at around 1730hrs.

6 Clayton, D8568, removes a rake of coaches from Arley. 10th October 1998.

7 47827 (ex-works Virgin Livery) departs Crewe, platform 5, for Edinburgh at around 1520hrs (1 hour late). 24th April 1999

8a* 37420 pulls away from a signal approaching Stafford, then slows again.
8b* 37420 arrives at Stafford on a Holyhead-Birmingham service for NWT, on the evening of Sunday 9th May 1999.

Crewe - 15th May 1999
9a 37401 runs light out of the north end of the station.
9b As an electric service arrives, 37401 backs onto its train, platform 12.
9c 37401 departs for Holyhead at 1228hrs.
10 37422 departs for Birmingham from platform 11 at 1252hrs.
11 37418 departs for Holyhead from platform 12, at 1317hrs. A brand new EWS liveried 92001 runs passed light, northwards, while on test.

12 At Peterborough, 22nd May 1999: A class 91 is heard in the background, as 58047 passes platform 4 on a freight, and takes the March line, at 2037hrs.

13 Crewe, 14/8/99: 37426 departs platform 12 for Holyhead at 1115hrs.

14a East Lancs Railway, 11th September 1999: At Rawtenstall, BR blue liveried 56006 has been uncoupled from its train and moves up to the buffer-stops.
14b 56006 runs round the coaching stock of its train.

15 Banbury, 18th September 1999: 47828 departs on a Virgin service to Bournemouth (1406 ex Birmingham NS). A 66 stands at the head of an MGR.

16 Grantham 26th February 2000: After arriving from the Nottingham line, and running round its tanker train, 60024 draws forward to the signal. The signal clears, and the 60 accelerates along the ECML towards Newark.

17 Lickey Incline, 16th March 2000: After nightfall, a class 47 tackles the gradient with a Virgin Cross Country service.

Crewe - 18th March 2000
18 47810 departs platform 6 southbound at 0906hrs. 37429 then arrives at platform 12 on a Holyhead NWT working.
19a As 37429 idles near the north end of platform 12, a loco crew are preparing a class 87 to go. As its air system builds up pressure, they find that one of its horns is stuck on! They quickly get it fixed and test the horns.
19b 37429 departs for Holyhead.
20 Pete Waterman's class 46, D172, idles at the south end of the station, as a class 47 sounds its horns and runs light along a siding behind the mic. D172 then pulls away southwards at 0929hrs.
21 Green liveried 47488 tows 47747 out of the station southwards. Then 37426 is heard in the background departing for Holyhead.
22 47805 idles at the north end of platform 12 as 47758 passes the disused platform behind the mic and stops. 47805 departs at 1149 on a Virgin service.
23 Heard from the north end of the station, 37415 runs passed light-engine.
24 As 37415 stands at the head of a train bound for Bangor, a Virgin HST departs northwards at the far side of the station. 37415 then sets off at 1220hrs.

25 Stafford, 18th March 2000: 47209 storms through southwards on a Freightliner, at 1300hrs.

26a Birmingham New Street, 1st July 2000: As a class 47 idles, another 47 (47853) arrives at platform 5 on a Virgin Trains service, during the morning.
26b 47853 departs from the west end of the station.

East Lancs Railway - 9th September 2000
27 Class 20, D8087, arrives at Bury at 1211hrs.
28 Western and Hymek, D1041/D7076, arrive at Bury.
29a* Warship 832 runs onto its train at Bury.
29b* 832 departs Bury at 1323hrs.
30a Class 24 D5054 runs light out of Bury.
30b D5054 backs onto its train.
31 As D5054 awaits departure, 832 arrives through the tunnel.

32a Leicester, 9th December 2000: 37682 running light, has a problem with sticking brakes as it attempts to move. This was shortly before midday.
32b The 37 finally manages to pull away.

33 47709 departs platform 2, Leicester, running 57 minutes late at 1953hrs, on a St. Pancras to Sheffield service. 18th February 2002.

34 Little Ponton, 16th March 2002:. A class 47 on a tour returning from York to Kings Cross, passes after nightfall, working hard on the climb to Stoke.

York - 6th April 2002
35 33108/31602 depart southbound on a railtour, at around 1800hrs.
36 Earlier that day, 37521/685 depart southwards (platform 10) also on a railtour.

TPO final , 9th/10th January 2004, at Derby. A gathering of about 50 (mostly young families a few enthusiasts) turned out before midnight. Two classic foot-in-mouth announcements were not captured on my recording, firstly telling us all to keep well out of everyone's way when the TPO arrives, no flash photography, etc. Just before its arrival, all "spotters" were ordered to stand back... nobody moved - obviously!
37a 67023 rolls in at platform 1 on the final TPO to Bristol. In contrast to the warning announcements, TPO staff invite everyone aboard, to watch them at work, and receive souvenir mailbag-tags.
37b 67023 departs at 0008hrs as TPO staff, in doorways, shout their farewells to us. The announcer could not resist one more attempt to boss us around!
67023 arrives at Derby on a TPO Final Bristol bound TPO at Derby Final Bristol bound TPO at Derby

38 Conington (south of Peterborough), 23rd April 2005: An EMU trundles passed on the down-slow line, as 55019 cruises by at speed and overtakes, at 0933hrs. The Deltic was on a tour to Edinburgh.

39 Little Bytham on an overcast and breezy afternoon, 21st January 2005: At 1659hrs, 40145 powers passed on the down-slow line, hauling the CFPS 25th anniversary railtour, and is heard going off into the distance.

Tallington - 22nd January 2005. A freezing night with a hazy moon. Trains from the south, sound warnings for a series of level crossings, with lingering echoes, hence my inclusion of a sprinter and a class 66 in this vintage title:
40a A single-car "bubblecar" sounds its horns twice.
40b The "bubblecar" trundles passed and away to the north.
41a The very loud horns of a class 66 sound 3 times.
41b The 66 passes on the down-slow.
42 On the final day of the CFPS 25th anniversary tour, 40145 can be heard approaching before some brief blips on its horns. The 40 then thunders passed on the down-fast line and away into the distance.

* denotes on-train recording.


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