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Eastern Vibrations CD cover

Sounds of classic diesels along the East Coast Main Line and locations further east.

All recordings made by the late Ron Collen-Jones. Restored and published by Ian Strange.

Mono recordings processed for a stereo effect.

Recorded during 1972 to 1975.

Highlights include:
** On-train behind class 40s including Kings Cross departure.
** A long sequence inside Hitchin South signal-box as Deltics shoot passed.
** Protoype HST passes Wood Green.


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Eastern Vibrations playlist PDF

Here is the full recording list:

Note that these recordings have been edited to remove Ron Collen-Jones' commentary (except on some on-train recordings). The information he provided is included in this play-list.

Disc 1

21st September 1972:
1 - Class 40 no.265 departs Kings Cross (on-train) with the 1135 Cambridge buffet-bar express. The speed limit exiting the station was only 8mph. Once inside Gasworks Tunnel, 265 opens up, and then roars through Copenhagen Tunnel and onwards through Finsbury Park.
2a - We continue our ride behind 265 as we arrive at Welwyn Garden City.
2b - We depart WGC after a delay due to awaiting a connecting train.
2c - 265 brakes for a short 20mph pw check on the slow line (jointed rails) and accelerates again, followed by a slight signal-check.
2d - Another pw slack on the approach to Stevenage, as a class 47 over-takes on the 1147 to Newcastle, just before an ex-works 47 (no.1538) passes southbound. We draw into Stevenage.
3 - Class 40 no.226 passes through Stevenage on a goods working from Ferme Park to Bath as an airliner rumbles in the background.
4 - Class 31 no.5604 passes through Stevenage on a Hitchin-Enfield goods.
5 - Deltic 9005 "The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire" rushes through Stevenage on the 1E01 (0800 Edinburgh-Kings Cross).

31st July 1973:
6 - As a DMU arrives, the HSDT (prototype HST) coasts through Finsbury Park.
7 - The HSDT tears through Wood Green just before a 2-car Cravens DMU departs, over-taken by an up Cambridge express.

27th April 1973 at London Liverpool Street:
8 - Class 31 no.5509 departs with empty coaching stock for Thornton Fields, including Pullman car no.349.
9 - Class 31 no.5505 sounds it horn, as 08 no.3710 adds a BG to a train, buffering up rather heavily! 5505 backs onto its train gently, and is coupled up.
10 - We are now on-board, as 5505 departs, with a clank from the coupling, on the 2010hrs departure to Harwich, the Hook Continental relief train. We're riding in a maroon-liveried TSO (90mph limit).

1st February 1973:
11a - At the north end of Peterborough station, we can hear 08 no.3553 and class 31 no. 5634 moving in the background (loco sidings).
11b - Class 40 no.259 arrives on the 1420 Kings Cross-Leeds, and the mic is taken on-board the leading carriage (an ex-works BSO).
12a - On-board behind 259 as a Metro-Cam DMU arrives alongside. We depart cautiously before opening up. Then signal-checked briefly at Werrington.
12b - We climb Stoke Bank on the fast line, passing Corby Glen. Ron calls out some approximate speeds.

20th June 1973. A journey along the Hertford loop behind class 31 no.5652, on the 1630 Hertford to Moorgate service:
13 - Departing Hertford (jointed rails).
14 - Departing Bayford and passing through Ponsbourne Tunnel.
15 - Departing Cuffley.

31st March 1973 at Hatfield:
16 - Deltic no.9012 "Crepello" sweeps through on full power, with the 1A11 (0810 Newcastle-Kings Cross). Then class 46 no.179 runs around its goods train, the 4M44.
17 - As 179 idles in the background, a Hatfield to Kings Cross local departs, including a Gloucester RCW 2-car at the front. 179 then propels its train.
18 - 179 departs for Willesden.
19 - Class 31 no.5615 passes on an up Cambridge buffet working (1135 from Cambridge). Church bells can be heard faintly, as this was a Sunday.
20 - Class 40 no.394 passes with cartics (mostly loaded) for Dagenham Docks.

6th November 1973, riding behind class 40 no.286 on the 0815 Kings Cross to Cleethorpes service (10 coaches):
21a - We stand at Newark Northgate as another train arrives and announcements are made.
21b - We depart slowly, but once clear of the junctions, the 40 opens up and we accelerate along the jointed track.
22 - 286 departs Lincoln St. Marks 17 minutes late, signal-checked at first before accelerating.
23 - 286 accelerates just east of Stallingborough shortly after a signal-stop. Then gets stopped at a signal approaching Grimsby.
24 - We've alighted at Grimsby Town, and 286 is heard departing for Cleethorpes.

Disc 2

22nd February 1974:
1 - On-board a Metro-Cam DMU (E50222) departing Brundle towards Lingwood, on the 1110hrs Norwich to Great Yarmouth.
2 - Edited sequence on-board a Cravens DMU on a Lowestoft to Ipswich service, calling at Brampton (as another DMU departs), Halesworth and Darsham.

6th November 1973:
3 - Riding behind class 40 no.286 on the 0815 Kings Cross to Cleethorpes. We depart Huntingdon, Ron interrupted briefly to let someone reach the toilet! As speed gathers, a Deltic (probably 9002) shoots passed with a big "whoosh"!

31st August 1974:
4 - Riding behind 47053 departing Dundee Tay Bridge station, southbound.
5 - At Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, 26007/26001 pass by on a cement train heading towards Haymarket.
6a - At Princes Street Gardens, 40157 arrives as a Cravens/Met-Cam DMU stops at a signal, as the 40 crosses in front of it.
6b - The DMU pulls away and into Waverley station.
7 - At Princes Street Gardens, 27106 and 27210 top and tail the 1230 for Glasgow, and then a 3-car DMU arrives (including a rare Gloucester RCW coach no.Sc51117 with small yellow warning panel).

10th April 1975:
8 - Stratford, north London. Intensive EMU activity, then 47164 passes. 47166 passes on 1M67.
9 - Ilford. 47117 sounds it horns and passes through on the 0930 to Norwich.

12th May 1973:
10 - Departing London Liverpool Street on 1M20, the 0930 to Norwich, behind class 37 no.6744 (9 coaches).

On-board a St. Pancras-Scarborough excursion hauled by 40048, 10th August 1974:
11 - Standing at York, as 40048 backs onto the train. Deltic 55002 "The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry", passes on the up Flying Scotsman.
12 - 40048 departs York at 1312 (about half an hour late) onto the Scarborough line. At this time, there were 'diamond' crossings allowing trains to cross to this branch-line from the opposite side of the station. Trailing load for this train was 406 tons tare, 12 coaches.
13 - 40048 is brought to a brief halt at a level-crossing and then negotiates the series of curves following the river, passed Kirkham Abbey.
14 - 40048 departs Malton, now running 47 minutes late.

18th January 1974:
15 - Riding behind class 31 no.5610 departing Kings Cross on the 0819 all stations to Hatfield. We pass through Gasworks and Copenhagen tunnels.
16a - Riding behind 5610, we call briefly at Hornsey.
16b - 5610 departs Wood Green.
17 - Our journey with 5610 continues with a stop at Southgate station.
18 - At Hatfield, the up Cambridge buffet express arrives and departs, hauled by class 31 no.5677 (edited sequence).

Inside Hitchin South Signalbox, 18th January 1974:
19 - 55019 "Royal Highland Fusilier" rushes passed on service 1N10 (1100 Kings Cross-Newcastle). Signalbox activities are heard as Dave the signalman and Ron chat, interrupted by a phone-call.
20 - Edited sequence of signalbox activity as the clock ticks in the background. The signalman then explains to Ron some of the latest problems in signalling procedure.
21a - More signalbox sounds as a DMU arrives. Then Deltic 9015, "Tulyar" tears by at high speed on 1L13 (1125 Kings Cross-Harrogate). A light-hearted phone-call fills in a few minutes before more action.
21b - Both Ron and the signalman are talking on phones, as distant horns are heard (and the signalman bursts into song!), before a DMU arrives. Ron is asked to throw some of the levers. Another service passes by.
22 - Another express (probably a class 47) rushes by.
23 - Deltic 9000 "Royal Scots Grey" on 1A16 ("The Yorkshire Pullman", 0952 Harrogate-Kings Cross) sounds a fanfare and storms passed.
24 - Deltic 9006 "The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry" is heard building up to full power (presumably after a signal-check) and roars passed, on the late running 1S32 ("The Aberdonian" 1200 Kings Cross-Aberdeen). As signalbox sounds continue, the Deltic drones away in the distance.
25 - Class 47 no.1624 shoots passed on 1D02 (Kings Cross to Hull).
26 - The drone of Deltic 55002 is heard as it approaches and passes on 1E01 (0800 Edinburgh-Kings Cross). A DMU is heard departing.


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